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  1. For about 25years I think.. But I think before it was only prescribed for the most severe cases, but now it appears to be more commonly used for even mild cases.. who knows? btw you're cute
  2. Today I got up at 10am and went to the gym. Mind you this is the first time I've worked out since starting accutane 7weeks ago. I didn't eat breakfast and did not take my pills prior to going to the gym. Everything started out ok... but towards the end of my workout when I was doing reverse crunches which work the lower back i began to feel really light headed, disoriented and began to have vision/perception problems.. I made my way to the bathroom and in the mirror my skin looked absurdly
  3. That's exactly how I felt first semester.. Like 2months of what you guys were going through including accutane messing with my head.. My face has begun to get better and as it does i start to feel better... theres light at the end of the tunnel!
  4. Chunky... I only use whole grain bread so it spreads basically the same and tastes a lot better because of the whole peanuts.
  5. I've drank, smoked weed, did some coke while taking tane... but nowhere near as hard as I partied when I wasn't on it.. I think if you just use them in moderation you'd be ok although no drug use while on tane is advisable. Drinking was the same, weed kinda hit me really hard- felt like a light weight... coke felt the same except watch the dehydration factor with that, bigtime.
  6. I see... you didn't say that it was in front of a bunch of people and he had said it before... obviously he knew you were sensitive about it and just went ahead and embarrised you.. i'd say violence is warranted in that situation
  7. Word on the street is abdominal pains are signs of serious side effects.. you should probably tell your dermatologist about that when you go to see him.
  8. If this guy is not responding to Brandon who apparently knows him so well what he probably needs is to talk to someone who doesn't know him but understands the situation he's in. If he has faked suicide previously he's probably faking again as I've known a lot of people who have done that shit in real life to get attention. Granted they did have serious mental issues, they never went through with it. I would advise Brandon to stop telling this guy to wear makeup to class and not give a fuck a
  9. i still think using violence against someone because they say something to you is fundamentally wrong especially if it's your friend and the violence is serious not just fuckin around violence. he will regret bringing it up but in the long run you'll regret reacting that way
  10. I dunno if that warranted violence... The guy was drunk and so were you, people lose control when they're intoxicated. It sounds like he was saying that as playful criticism as friends often do. And then you just flipped..
  11. I've seen quite a few people with horrible acne at college.. none of which I knew. I felt really bad for them because I know what they're going through and it must be a lot harder because my acne had never gotten that bad. I especially feel bad for the women that have to go through it because I know how generally devastating even mild acne can be to them. I want to sit down with them and be like, "what do you know about accutane?" but I wouldn't want to embarris someone. I might consider doi
  12. I seriously doubt the integrity of your story... How would your teacher know you wear makeup? If it is true it's not worth killing yourself over, nothing is.. Suicide is one of those things that in the end you'd regret, but you can't because you're dead.
  13. The people that told you that obviously don't know how it really works.. It makes your face worst at first, but in the end 80-90% of people's skin is a lot better than before and a good portion never have significant acne again. P. acnes can't get in your pores and multiply in the sebum if there is very little sebum for them to live in.. Accutane basically kills your sebum production. Washing with just water won't do anything to treat acne.
  14. Well, true it is a theory that makes people feel better- but it's like a stereotype; there must be some truth to it. I've seen a lot of people who were jerks get what they deserve, sometimes even a lot worse than what they deserve. Polka post some pics so we can see just how bad it is... My dad always said that people with acne have a far less chance of developing skin cancer, but that is probably because we take better care of our skin and protect it from the sun... Acne is temporary, it
  15. You're right about the karma thing.. I usually don't believe in ideas like that, but believe me - that woman and anyone who is that rude and inconsiderate will get what's coming to them. I've seen it happen in my life on several occasions of which I will only share one with you... Back when I was little and went to church there was this really mean Sunday school teacher named Mrs. White.. It was easter and we had a little easter egg hunt during Sunday school.. The prizes were weak tho, like p
  16. those trips to the eyedoctor were always pretty shady like that for me too... the doc always asks if your on medication though, and I said accutane so that sort of settled everything and made it a more comfortable environment cuz the doc knew I was getting help. but your right about those magnified mirrors, makes anyone look terrible
  17. perhaps you could post a picture of your son so that people here could evaluate his acne. accutane taken for 5months at the max dosage will clear just about everyone.. and not just the face, all over the body
  18. yeah, but I have it sitting here anyway, might as well use it.. I figure it might speed the process up and so far 1.5months in my lesions are about 80% cleared
  19. if it bothers you so much you should (should have) tell/told them. then if they still don't do anything to support you or to help then you have a legitamate beef. they may not know how much it affects you and the reason they never mention it is most likely because they didn't want to make you feel insecure. i told my parents it bothered me and like 2days later my mom emails me telling me all the treatments she had researched and different derms in my area that I could go to (im @ college). y
  20. But back to the point, I think if I was you I'd find another job because the lack of professionalism displayed by your boss and that bitch isn't something I'd want to have to deal with everyday even without this little makeup incident.
  21. Who is that dude? Ive seen that picture before on this girl's shirt at school, and my friend was like "look at that girls shirt, I bet she doesn't even know who that is".. Being a typical kid I was like "yeah some people are so ignorant" haha.. But really who is that dude and what is his significance?
  22. Yeah, I'd say in general people with acne have the cleanest (facial) skin when compared to those who are clear.. But I don't think you can say that people with acne have better overall hygiene though, just because we wash our faces more doesn't necessarily mean that we brush ect. more.