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  1. well, marijuana is the safest of the controlled substances.. safer than alcohol. the only really bad thing about it is the smoke which can be avoided using a vaporizer. when i used to smoke a lot back in the day i never felt addicted or anything it was just something to do to kill time. i haven't smoked for about 6months now and i have no real desire to start again. i don't think using a vaporizer to consume thc 3 times a week would do much to your body besides make you a lil more tired, tha
  2. lol screw that, sue him for every penny... "pioneering" won't hold up in a malpractice case. a doctor can "pioneer" things but in today's world that means experiments with control groups, documented in hospitals or labs under strict supervision. he can't just say but i "pioneered" using VBeam on patients who were on accutane without this being approved by medical board of doctors. you'd probably win the case less you signed a form with him that specifically states something about giving up yo
  3. hehe dont ya just love those guys who got short hair and are into sports?? haha.. i think in contrast with your argument that it may be seen another way. a guy who seemingly has a lot goin for him then suddenly gets bad acne is more subject to such criticisms as "he'd be hot without the acne" ect. if any of this then somehow gets back to the guy, it creates this situation where he hates himself because acne has then escalated into this huge obstacle that is seemingly impossible to overcome.
  4. you ignore me, but then you take me off to get your lil last word in. brandon if you got probs with me take it up in pm, not publicly
  5. Vbeam isnt the problem, its your doctor doing vbeam on you while you're on accutane. I've had vbeam done before accutane without problems. Def find out if you can sue the doc
  6. wait wait wait.. so you had vbeam done how long after stopping tane? or did you have it done while ON tane?? if your doctor did vbeam while you were on tane it ought to be considered malpractice. i'd see if you can bring a lawsuit to his ass because it's repeated over and over in the accutane documentation not to have any skin procedures done until 6months after stopped tane
  7. thats only if you arent satisfying both of their needs.. good for you my friend
  8. Yea I realize that, sorry if the thread got trashed. 56 creds in sociology, nice.. I'm majoring in business so that I can make more money and be higher class than you note, I used to sell drugs. now I own realestate.
  9. i'm not like bugging out over it lol, but when there's a room full of students that are probably sensitive and familiar with acne I don't think it's that wise to make that analogy
  10. historically there was a clear seperation of class with respective income levels.. like slaves, royalty, government officials.. today because these class distinctions have faded the only way to seperate classes is by income. thanks for telling me i'm on the bottom rung because I guess in your mind investing drug money in realestate so that I can have strong financial future makes me a bad person.
  11. hehe, I dunno where you get your info about class.. but it is based on how much wealth you have. the amount you make is closely linked to how you make the money, but in the end it is based on how much you make.
  12. well this was a pretty big lecture hall... about 150kids, so attacking him and gettin away with it would've proven pretty difficult.. I was sitting in the front row though so I could have, hehe
  13. I am taking this bullshit geology course called Geology of the Moon and Planets just to fill a graduation requirement.. Just about everyone in the course is there for the same reason and hence nobody really takes the class or the mad-rock-scientist-professor seriously. So anyway cutting to the chase, yesterdays lecture he was talking about craters made by meteorites that have hit earth (like the one in arizona). I wasn't really paying too much attention until I heard him make the analogy "l
  14. lol that father needs to give it up... roche has a lot more money than he does, a lot more scientists and a lot more connections to the industry. he should've been smart and instead of wasting 1M just taken the hundred thousand dollar settlement. He'd have been better off pursuing the doctor that prescribed accutane for his son when the acne wasn't even severe. Accutane has been on the market for years and FDA approved over and over again, drug approval is a very dynamic process- but he doe
  15. The first dermatologist I went to was a complete asshole.. Like I'd wait over 30minutes in his waiting room when I showed up at the exact appointment time. Then he'd say a few words when I saw him and then rush me out as if I wasn't a priority at all. He'd inject my cysts and do a really shitty job, hand me a paper towel to soak up the blood and less than a minute later have me on my way out. The guy prescribed antibiotics and differin that did nothing yet when I told him that after a few
  16. Yea it's called Retin-A lol.. So what the girl smashed up a few pills, it's the same active ingredient isotretinoin. I love how there are so many bullshit "acne miracles" when in actuality accutane has been the only real breakthrough and that was over 20yrs ago.
  17. You obviously didn't read/understand what the others said.. If you know what the regular and healthy levels are for your liver enzymes and triglyceride count, you don't need a derm to tell you what to do. Derms are just expensive pains in the asses many of which are stubborn and think they know everything. My derm told me to cut my dosage to half because my triglyceride count was 300 after 1 month on accutane. I didn't, and I changed my lifestyle and the next month it was 200 after he had wa
  18. Yea you should get insurance. Although my rates just jumped from 10 to 20 to $35 per a months treatment of accutane, it's still a fraction of the retail cost.
  19. It sounds to me like your derm is trying to rip you off. Prescribing the same antibiotic 2x is retarded- when it failed the first time, the bacteria are immune. Facials will help clear up existing zits but it wont do anything to stop them from forming and i doubt your insurance covers it. Find a different derm, a lot of them are stubborn and/or money hungry and don't do what's actually best for the patient.
  20. My cousin is an established doctor, and asked about the triglyceride level. Intake is a big part, but exercise is pretty essential as well if you want to substantially lower the levels.. The idea that starting a regimen while on tane would be painful is kind of invalid in my mind... Starting a routine at any time would be painful. I started hardcore again and im on 80mg a day. Don't use accutane as an excuse especially if you're in that guys situation with high triglycerides because believe