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  1. flirting with a lot of girls and getting a lot of action. going places not being self-conscious. not waking up in the morning with new acne to ruin my day. partying. seeing people from highschool and not caring how i look.
  2. your acne isn't so severe, but it is widespread. accutane would work really well..
  3. If acne develops and it's significant go for a 2nd course. If it's just oily skin then deal with it. It doesn't shrink the glands permanently, it shrinks them to the size of a baby's (literally) and then they slowly grow back. Generally it's presumed that by the time they grow back the patient would've grown out of acne and over-production of oil by then.
  4. college in England isnt = to college in the US incase anyone didn't notice the difference. This dude isn't a genius or anything lol. If you're gonna fight them, be sure not to get caught and it'd be better to do it outside of school.
  5. If i was that guy I would have killed myself before that photo was ever taken
  6. ... why do these discussions always become some verbal melee that has nothing to do with the original topic
  7. accutane does nothing for scars/hyperpigmentation. it actually slows the healing process.
  8. it aint just about drugs if its about forgetting about acne.
  9. I'm using carmex and my lips still seem to crack, peel, bleed a lot. Is there anything better?
  10. depends, it was bad for me. peep the prescription forum for more info
  11. yeah you're gonna say you love it until the bacteria become immune and your face blows up. that's what happened to me.. had everything in my life going as right as rain until my minocycline just stopped working. the shit comes back really strong too after the bacteria become immune.. I'm 2.5months into accutane treatment and so far it's lookin a lot better but still it really fucked with my head to go from being clear to being a mess in such a short period of time. lucky for me it had to co
  12. well get a cam that does show just how "horrible" your acne is. I doubt it's as bad as you think. at least everything besides your skin is very healthy. get a decent digital can that actually shows how bad it is otherwise stop whining about shit, you're pretty jacked- far more than I could ever be without steroids.
  13. getting Cs and getting busted for drugs aren't things you're born into; those are a product of your own incompetence. you might be better off going to England if you wanna avoid the rehab.. i doubt it'd be enforced if you moved to a diff country.
  14. everyones got insecurities and problems, but acne is definately one of the worst. it's the first thing people see when they look at you. someone might be insecure about having a learning disability but that isn't obvious to strangers and everyone they come in contact with throughout the day like acne is
  15. man, i feel for you on that one.. even if the kids didn't look at you though, it would have felt the same except not as extreme.