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  1. I dunno I tend to think that looks have a lot to do with first impression. First impression can take you a long way. So while sure a person who is ugly, or who has terrible acne might do the job better than a beautiful person, if the good looking person at least has somewhat comperable credentials they will get the job. I think this is true even for hiring in even high paying/"politically correct" environments. It's wrong, but it's how the world works
  2. hehe you shouldve said something like "I can't fit in the passenger seat you're too fuckin fat" or something along those lines. or maybe a good one about his dandruff, like "i'll wash my face if you wash your hair"
  3. Wow... how isolated are you lol? 1,000miles away from the nearest dermatologist haha, that's awesome to be in a place that rural. Anyway, why dont you post a pic so we can see your severity.. If you can buy that many drugs with $15 you gotta be shittin us cuz all that is worth like $5,000 here in the US.
  4. yes it goes away tho, my worst headaches were in the first 3days
  5. yeah it's pretty dick.. i've had 3 derms and 2/3 have been so obviously money hungry. my third offered accutane on the first appointment, the others actually told me "no i see an improvement" when I told them that I didn't after months of antibiotics, topicals. I'd suggest getting insured, or switching derms or ordering accutane online if you are desperate. Your parents can prolly add you to their insurance, and if they dont have it then wow; you guys should def get some.
  6. I had the "cloudiness" in the beginning too. It goes away. As far as the gym goes.... In the beginning it was a lil rough cuz I didn't lift for a month and then went back. Now though I look forward to the gym 5days a week. The joint pain is just remnant these days, I never really experienced it too much to begin with. I don't know about the whole knee joint thing, that never bothered me it's my shoulders that pop a lot when I do shoulder/bench. I am on 80mg/day and am in my 4th month, h
  7. yeah that seems pretty retarded to me... I think the bacteria have a better shot at developing immunity if you are taking less antibiotics than before. A lot of people will say "he's a derm he knows what hes talking about", but most of the time a patient knows his body a lot better. Has he done this before with other Antibiotics? In my experience they eventually stop working ~3months for me, and then my acne came back with a vengeance so perhaps your derm knows that a relapse is possible righ
  8. For me it was sort of depression coupled with severe social withdrawl. I would look in the mirror and immediately not want to go out or do anything. Then when I thought about how I was acting I'd get depressed. I felt like it'd never get better, but then again I felt that way before taking accutane. The initial breakout though really made for a brutal 1-2months for me early on
  9. my dad had acne but only from ages 18-21.. I've had it from 16-19 so far
  10. wza

    ahhh my chest!!!!!!!!!&#

    I agree that diet plays a role in getting defined abs, but it's not everything. Doing weighted crunches on the machines has gotten my abs considerably bigger and defined, i do the crunches with 125lbs setting. I think it's more about diversifying your ab workouts and cardio. But then again I don't lift to look good, I lift to get stronger.
  11. wow I wish I got compliments from girls like you guys have. thatd be really good confidence boost. pinay, you are cute- i'd assume you had a boy friend
  12. 80kgs, 80mg/day for the first 2months.. now on 80mg / 40mg improvement going well, approaching my 120mg/kg pretty quickly.
  13. mine checks my torso, touches some of the more seriously affected areas of hyperpig/scars lightly. that's about it, my doc is pretty chill.
  14. wza

    My process

    I admire your will Claudia. I took B5 for about 3 months and saw no improvement, not to discourage you but accutane has done the trick for me, im now in my 4th month.
  15. if it gets bad enough just about anybody should and will consider accutane
  16. You can't question them, but you can goto another derm or simply order the tane online and get your own bloodwork done if you'd like
  17. Just a word of advice... When you're on tane it's important to exercise and eat relatively well to keep cholesterol and triglyceride levels low. My triglyceride level went from 50 to 300 in one month of no exercise and 80mg tane/day. In the next month I ate better, exercised and it was down to 200 on the same dosage. Now my only problem is the liver enzyme levels that are ridiculously high. I have been taking liver cleanse supplements so I'll let you guys know if that had any effect on my bo
  18. Listen playa... You definately know the circumstances of your relationship with her so what can you really expect? You got what you wanted, and so did she. It's a one night stand. If she's a bitch then she's a bitch, you never have to see her again if you don't want to. You should've taken all her credit cards that way she'd be bugging out that you are charging up 1000s on her. Anyway it was a win-win situation for you.