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  1. I've been in college about a month now, and about a week and a half ago began getting horrible breakouts- the type of zits I haven't seen on my face in about 2years. Everything is the same, regimen 2x a day and a topical antibiotic which have kept me pretty much clear for most of highschool. Even when I'd get the occasional zit it wouldn't be large whiteheads and painful cysts like I am seeing now. Does anyone have any advice or any idea of what could be causing these breakouts? Thank you fo
  2. i would hang him by his d*ck off a 12story building and just before he passed out from the pain id drop him 12flights into a bed of prickers and poison ivy.
  3. wza


    i really havent noticed any drying, and its the dead of winter here in NJ... In fact my face is a lot better than it was when i was using Retin A (screw that sh!t).. looks a lot more like my natural tone.. I will let you know how the glycolic + SA works out, for now it seems to be clearing me well and keeping my skin exfoliated.
  4. wza


    Currently my regimen is this: ------------------------------------- cetaphil cleanser glycolic + sacylic acid BP Moisturizer ------------------------------------- I do this 2x a day, and pat dry in between each step. Recently since adding the sacylic acid part to the glycolic step, I've noticed that small white bumps have formed, and I mean small.. They are not inflamed, just up close appear to contain a tiny amount of puss, also they dont hurt at all. Has anyone experienced this? Is th
  5. I hate to discourage anyone from buying the acne lamp, but personally I think it's either a scam or has very little effectiveness. The reason I believe so is becuase I was actually considering buying it, but today I emailed their customer service and asked them to send me a full size photo of before and after.. (After all if the thing really works they'd have tons of photos sent in by happy customers) Just as I suspected, the response email was that they 'do not have any full size photos to
  6. Hehe, I knew it wasn't a coincidence... has been happening often lately
  7. Does anyone have any information on acne and its development being symmetrical? I ask because it seems like everytime i get a zit on one side of my face, another develops in the same area on the other side not too long after.. At first i thought it was a coincidence, but when it happens almost every breakout I tend to think otherwise. Thanks in advance for your insight.
  8. In response to the people writing 1 line about how this regimen doesnt work: say something significant or keep your mouth shut. Simply saying "this regimen doesnt work- it makes acne worse" doesnt mean shit, because there are thousands of people here that it has worked for. You probably tried this regimen and are just too ignorant to be consistent, which is most likely why you are bitter about it. If you are going to claim that it doesn't work, at least tell us what has worked for you.
  9. quick question about glycolic acid: Will applying GA 3 times a week dissolve/loosen blackheads? I am asking because BP works fine for other types of acne, but I haven't seen much improvement with the small blackheads on my nose. Also, would you recommend using GA in combination with those adhesive blackhead remover strips? Thanks a lot
  10. I forgot to address your overpowering fragrance claim.. The Neutrogena smells worse to me than proactiv, if you've never tried the proactiv BP you should.
  11. Chemically it works the same way, on the surface of my skin it doesn't. How much do you pay for on the spot? At CVS it's $6-7 for .75oz. $17 for 2oz is comperable or better, for what I think is a far superior lotion. Proactiv claims to have "prescription grade BP"; if this is true and it is more finely milled than neutrogena's, more of it will get into your pores which means it will be more effective.
  12. I started the regimen using Proactiv Repairing Lotion because it contained 2.5% BP and I already had it at home. After seeing very good results after about 2weeks, I ran out and decided to try what Dan recommends, the OnTheSpot treatment. Immediately I noticed that the OnTheSpot solution didn't absorb as well as the proactiv solution, and that it tended to leave my face white(bleached) and very dry. In fact most of the time my face would become dry so quickly while I was applying it that abou
  13. I just have to say that if a Pro-Activ infomercial spoke negatively about BP, it's pretty ironic. Not to say that you're incorrect, because BP does cause redness/peeling, but in 2 out of the 3 main proactiv bottles, BP is the key active ingredient. I know this because I use it for its BP content instead of going out and buying On The Spot evey week. (lazy ) In any event, I have seen decent results from using the Proactive BP solution(s) and I'd be curious to hear what people like better,
  14. Hey.. I know this is sort of particular, but can anyone shed some light on using the "Revitilizing Toner" from the proactiv package in combination with the regimen? The Toner has glycolic acid, which I believe is the key ingredient... The reason I'm asking is because there is no glycolic acid present in Dan's regimen and I'm not sure how often it should be used.. Thanks for your opinions.
  15. Would constricting blood vessells help or harm acne? Or does it not effect it at all?
  16. Yes that could be, because last night after smoking my face felt kind of irritated and I looked worse when i went to look at a mirror. This morning, after I did the regimen last night it seems a lot better. I think smoking in general can make it look worse for some reason because I remember seeing on the news that smoking cigs can have a negative effect on acne. Thanks for your insight.
  17. Not to be blunt, but is it possible that smoking trees could aggravate acne? I'm just wondering if it would have the same affects as smoking cigarettes.. Thanks