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  1. Dude are you still alive after all that VITA/VITD experimentation on your blog I am keen to know please purely so I can clear my own stupid freakin' acneeeeee? cheers bro :)

  2. I sincerely doubt just 8000 IU of retinol will cause hair loss. The extra zinc should provide protection against vitamin a toxicity, if you actually have it. Retinol is mostly toxic when it's unbounded, but zinc increases expression of retinol binding protein...binding to vitamin a in a 1:1 ratio. When you have more vitamin a unbound to rbp, you are either vitamin a toxic or zinc deficient or both. I remember reading a case report that despite increasing dosage of zinc in a child with hypervitam
  3. I remember being asked a few months ago as to whether or not Vitamin A or D was doing the trick. Initially I said both. But I'm more inclined towards vitamin D. Vitamin D is the only "vitamin" that's really a hormone. Okay, so Vitamin A is a hormone too (retinoic acid), but it is not nearly as potent as vitamin D. Vitamin D (via calcitriol) is active in picogram quantities. That's 1 trillionith of a gram. 1000 times smaller than a nanogram and 1000000 smaller than a microgram. Plus for many rur
  4. The only problem with disposable cameras is the poor resolution. Remember, my problem was large pores and oily skin, not pimples.
  5. I actually skip days sometimes. But mostly every other day I take 100,000 IU of A and 14,000 IU of D.
  6. I'll be honest. I have suspicions about this "Milk Thistle" guy/girl. S/he only joins for 2 days so far and made only 3 posts...all in this topic. It seems like this person has some ill-intent to criticize this. I mean seriously, emergency room for half a day? Sounds like a hocus-pocus (sp?) scare tactic. 100,000 IU/day? Already sick? Please. I'm 116 lbs. and took 725,000 IU/day and I have HBV. I should've been dead yet I've taken massive amounts of vitamin A and D for 5.5 months now. But a
  7. Like I mentioned earlier, I don't have a digital camera. The only one I have is on my cell phone and it doesn't really show details too clearly. I don't believe dairy promotes acne for most people. Yes there are hormones and such, but even raw milk from pasture has hormones as well. The reason why I promote milk is because it's high in 4 things: calcium, phosphorus, saturated fat, and high quality protein (not to mention cholesterol and other vitamins). These are things that your body ne
  8. I highly doubt it's the vitamin A. I've never had a nauseous feeling in taking vitamin A (and I've taken up to 720,000IU/day). It's easier to take vitamin A with butter since it has lecithin, which acts as an emulsifier. But then again I took a lot of vitamin D as well (up to 70,000 IU/day).
  9. Though I'm not a girl, I understand where the girls are coming from about the makeup. But you'd be surprised at the number of people who do wear makeup. Like at my store where I work, I could say that 9 out of 10 women wear makeup...customers and co-workers. Let's face it, we all want to look attractive (girls and guys). I'm not sure how makeup came about, but once you get started it's hard to quit. But at least girls can cover up their pimples. Guys can't...we have to bare it all (so to speak)
  10. I didn't want to reply to this thread that except that sperm requires a lot of vitamin A and zinc. Actually reproductive success relies on high vitamin A and zinc. I'm sure our ancestors didn't masturbate like crazy.
  11. Thanks for "quoting" my previous post and treating it like your own.
  12. Liver is very high in vitamin A, like one 3oz serving gives about 25000 to 40000 IU. It also depends on the liver of the animal too. But when our ancestors ate, they didn't just eat the muscle meats (high in protein and saturated fat, but not too much else), they ate everything practically. But 200,000 IU/day isn't very realistic. If you eat an entire animal's liver you would pretty much store quite a bit of vitamin A for weeks to months. That's probably over 1 million IU for a few weeks (unt
  13. 20,000 IU of vitamin D/day is really not a megadose since your body makes that much with 20-30 minutes of direct mid-day summer sun exposed to 90% of your body's skin. It just seems high because the RDA (400 IU) is so drastically low. Your body can handle a lot of vitamin A with adequete vitamin D. It should be noted I took 700,000 IU (or 4.9 million IU in a week) per day without ill effects because I took about 80,000 IU of vitamin D. What may seem like megadoses to many are really just norm
  14. More like rolling scars (indented). My scars are mild, and the blade has to touch the scar's surface for it to work obviously (those with deeper scars will probably find this a bit harder). The only technique is to just shave the scarred area until you can feel it burn (not bleed). It should be pink after you're done. Make sure to put some vaseline on overnight. I would use water though, since dry shaving usually leads to more chance of cuts.
  15. It's been about a week and a half now and to be honest, it really works. I haven't even been doing it every day either. I shave for 3 days then stop for 2 days and put vaseline on overnight. I swear it works...you can check my profile, I've been a member for almost 3 years now. The scarring has been improved by about 30%...no kidding. You just have to shave the area until it gets raw and pink. Your skin might look a bit pink for a day or two, but it's not terribly bad at all and it shouldn't b