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  1. i have 1 pack of accutane left. i was wondering how long people have waited to go tanning in a booth or even outside seeing as it is getting really nice out. also do u burn/peel bad?
  2. I have experienced the feeling of the heartbeat and the lower back pains when i bend or something. i have like a week left of accutane and it hasnt really gone away since the begining
  3. I think your derm is trying to screw you over because i am 110 and my derm gave me 20 in the morning and 40 at night.. and i only have some acne on my face
  4. well my derm. went on vaca and she wrote the perscription wrong and now i have to go 5 days without it... anyone know if that will majorly affect the progresss?
  5. almost 4 weeks. ive got black heads like crazy and some pimples too. when does the blackheads clearrrr up?!?!
  6. middle of my second week on accutane... what to expect?
  7. how long does it take for that to all clear up my acne wasnt like cyst bad but i had pimples and some zits. also blackheads that are now rising. also what happens if you use topicals while on it? ive only been on it for a little over 1 week and im getting parenoid i dont know what to expect!
  8. you can go tanning on accutane?
  9. What if it isnt so severe? does it take longer or shorter time. and with like mild do u break out way worse than u normally would for it too all go away?
  10. ANDD does the initial break out.. happen to poeple with mild acne??? does it make it worse than it was..
  11. i just started amnesteem (acutane) today.. i dont really have BAD acne.. just a lil insecure with what ive got. kinda had fo fight with my derm for awhile for it but she finally let me after like 5 visits of asking. i was wondering how long it took to work and the process of it actually working. and if any of the side affects happened to anyone.. thankks<3
  12. realllly???....... eh well i was already on those other ones and they didnt really work.. my acne isnt horrible its mild but it still bothers me. but thats really weirdddd!
  13. so i've tried alot of different ance pills that failed to help my acne clear. this time i went to my derm. and i was supposed to get accutane but i have to be on birthcontrol and all that so i have to wait about another month or so until i can go on that. well yeah anyways she gave me ciprofloxacin until i can get onto accutane and if cipro works then i just wont switch. has anyone ever went on cipro??? how long does it take to work and has it been affetive for anyonee?? ..ugh pleasee hellp!