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    graphic design, surf, longboard, snowboard, EATING mmm.. hip hop, drum n bass, breakbeat, grunge, punk, british indie, mario puzo, mo hayder, taschen, tokyoplastic, howard marks.. the list goes on and on and on and on..
  1. ok cheers aubrey... i think it may be a food allergy reaction and am hoping it will die down soon.. thanks.
  2. thanks for the reply... i didnt put anything on my face last night. just washed with warm water. i did go to a shisa restaurant with a couple of friends and smoked a pipe last night before bed... am thinking it could be something from that. what a nightmare!
  3. hey guys it was supposed to be my first day back to work today and i was quite looking forward to it... only to wake up and find that my top lip has swollen up this morning and i look like sylvester stallone's mum. what a shitter. so am going to have to take a sick day or two which will look like im slacking off as its the first days back after the new year.. ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH... any ideas what this may be? or if anyone has had it before? there is no visi
  4. thanks for the H&S thread. it really helped me out!

  5. no i got acne inbetween when we didnt see each other for a couple of years.. so basically she hasnt seen me at my worst. anyway.. thanks for the advice guys. gonna play it cool and see what happens
  6. so when are you going to teach me to skate board. hope your ok. xxxx

  7. dont use it on the face. it works on the body as body skin is tougher.
  8. hi guys so i have finally cleared up most of acne (touch wood) and have got my confidence back going out and being social with friends etc... (the key in my recovery was shaving every day, NOT touching pimples at all.. this might sound gross but the best way i found to remove a pimple was to put some clean tissue over your fingers and gently pick the top (puss bit) off and then dont touch it at all after that. just let the bad stuff come out and then heal). anyway the thing is... dating. i h
  9. noooo!!! try my regimen here http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=107656
  10. an update guys... i no longer leave a film of H&S on my back. no longer needed. its been about 2 months since my back cleared up now. also, i noticed that once clear, brushing everyday wasnt good. it made me break out in little pimples. more due to irritation rather than acne i think. no where near as bad as before though. so now i just wash my back with H&S by hand in the shower and leave it on whilst i clean everything else. then rinse it off just before i get out. i use the brush a
  11. no i havent tried that one. the one i have is working tremendously for me so dont want to switch! :whistle: trust me my back was VERY cystic and decided to give it a shot and it did the trick. maybe try it, but dont leave a film of H&S on your skin. just make sure its all washed off before you get out of the shower so it isnt on your skin all day. but its upto you dude. i dont want you going trying it and coming out in a rash or anything. i just know that it did my cystic bacne wonder
  12. see my post here guys http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=107656
  13. hi tommy yes i had bad bacne before i used this. i went to expensive derms who just made it worse. since this regimen, it has cleared up my bacne and also kept it at bay. even though my skin is now smooth, i still do the regimen everyday. im not too sure if it would work on the chest as i havent had to use it there. i dont see why it wouldnt though. give it a shot. its cheap anyway! is this okay: http://www.cvs.com/CVSApp/cvs/gateway/deta...=65^startLink=1 it says Pyrithione Zinc
  14. i hate barbers mirrors. they have full light pointing right down on you so they can cut your hair and end up highlighting every mark and bump. i thought my skin was looking ok and then i went to get my hairs cut and felt so shit. if i have to look in a mirror, this prob sounds fkn stupid, but i blur my eyes a little so i can see my face, but not the imperfections. hate this crap.