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  1. i notice doing drugs, drinking alcohol, and consuming other junk (mcdonalds) gives me acne. I think this is related to having hormonal acne as those things can mess up your hormones and as for junk food, its like your eating dirt. Some dirt is ok, but too much is bad, thats why you need some "dirt" on your face. Hooray for washing once a day!
  2. Thanks for the information. I think I'll try a facial after finishing my retin a micro tube. BTW, not washing my face twice a week is helping. Once a day is doing me good. I dunno why I never tried this before. Stupid obsessive washing [email protected]!
  3. arghh, i was gonna share my output but you guys totally ruined this thread. I thank everyone for posting but Lollipop the most cause she actually thought about what to write instead of people writing about completely nothing. If I could I would delete half the posts on this thread for many reasons. I think I'll give it another shot and for anything try to be friends at least, but yea if she gives me the cold shoulder I'll have to completely forget about her which I'm good at since I have a bad m
  4. hmm, so you guys think theres still a chance. I was talking to her and sorta zoned out thats why she blew me off. you could say i sorta got nervous. but yea, I will definitely try again and take it step by step. thanks for the help
  5. theres this girl i like, but she blew me off cause i was in a way ignoring her sorta. I just need to know, is it over? should I move on? or should i try again?
  6. nah, i gotta use water, gotta rinse my face at least but we'll see, if my face is clean in the morning
  7. yea, im getting cysts because of retin a micro i'm gonna switch to diferrin soon
  8. cool this thread got to page 2 usually my threads only get 2 replies
  9. what do you mean by i'll be gone from what annoys me??
  10. I never really had a lucky number, but since I'm waiting for my acne to go away, I'm gonna let the age I lose my acne be my lucky number. I'm rooting for 22, but I wouldn't mind earlier It's just that 22 looks cool cause its 2 2s!!!
  11. I'm gonna try this shower only in morning regimen. But that means I won't be able to go to the gym anymore cause of the sweat and stuff. Beauty Babe or anyone else, do you know if facials do anything for acne? I'm getting desperate to get rid of this acne, and I want to try that method of switching regimens like every 3 weeks or something.
  12. I shall await the day my acne goes away. One day my acne will just fade away and then I'll be able to pick up chicks more easily. But until that day comes, I shall work extra hard and keep on pushing myself until the challenge has become a pitiful game. I can't wait!!! btw, my acne just bursted out and my face looks real bad. Accutane didn't work the first time, antibiotics and retinoids aren't working, Maybe I should give up on creams all together and stop caring. Maybe that is what will trul