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  1. Dont get me wrong i love the sun..but it sucks at the same time..i cant even do the things i used to enjoy doing like wake boarding or swimming cause i know i cant take off my makeup cause im scared of what is underneath and what people will say..
  2. I just hope that i will be able to find someone that can look deeper than my appreance and see all the good inside..
  3. Im just tierd of being surrounded by all these pretty gurl that have beautiful skin and i am stuck with horrible acne. Its hard somedays you just dont want to get up and face the world because you feel so ugly.. I try though, I hate that acne effects my life so much my work, my social life.. Its hard to even talk to people cause you know that they are starring at your acne and thinking ewww.. I hope that im not the only one..and i hope that eventually this will go away and i can get on with my
  4. I have gotten cortisone shots many times they work great for me and are fast and painless...i definitly reccommed it I have gotten cortisone shots many times they work great for me and are fast and painless...i definitly reccommed it Also all the times that i have gotten them i was never left with an indent and they go away fast within 24 hours for me i usually put a little ice pack on it after i get the shot..
  5. I have a cyst right now and i currently take erythomycyn , this is my first cyst in a while the pills have been working ok. But i put some benzoyl and now it is extreamly dry and it will not stop peeling please let me know if ther is anything i can put on it..
  6. i just bought some hoping this might work for me cause i hate regular foundation...i have active acne and acne scars ...does anyone think this would help..?
  7. i had one too that lasted about 3 months ..but i reccomend a cortisone shot from a drem ..it definitly helps and then always try ice .
  8. I have had a couple of cyts, i had one on my cheek before too...that one did not go away for about 3 months..it sucked..but i have a new derm now and i reccently got another cyst and the derm used the cortisone injection on two of them and the cyst disapeared after 2 days ..and i have not marks or indentations...i would reccomend it and keep lookin for a good derm..
  9. i miss the days where i would be able to wake up and actually like what i see in mirror and be able to go out and feel good about my self...those days are gone now
  10. I have a huge cyst on my face and i already went to my derm and i was given the cortisone injection..but it still wont go away ..i keep getting these ..Does anyone know of anything that could help with cysts..or help get rid of them faster...does anyone else get these or just me..?
  11. I just started taking medication for my acne, right now i have a huge cyst on my face ....god i hope it helps I have spent so much money on diffrent things that never work and i have no health insurance so my whole paycheck is going towards my acne problum..it sucks..i still dont know how im able to get out of bed in the morning and be faced by tons of people that have clear skin..its not fair I still wonder why my boyfriend is with me..
  12. I feel like i have lost so much like my confidence... I stopped going to college and i spent many nights inside just crying I have almost ruined a great relationship with my boyfriend..thank god hes not like most people and only focuses on peoples apprence ..he has helped me alot..but i would have never imagined something like this ruining my life ..its so hard to wake up and feel good about yourself ..
  13. I got a cortisone injection about a week ago for a cyst i had on my face, and now i have another one. Can i get another cortisone shot for it, or how many can i get within a certain period of time?