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  1. I use Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser, it is popular cleanser when you take accutane, not make our skin drier. It will not strip the skin of natural protective oils or emollients, also soap-free cleanser. You may try it. Also I agree with RightMeow to spot your acne with antibiotic topical/antibacterial topical until your skin start drier with accutane.
  2. Yeah Jamesss keep fighting !!! I hope everything goes better With accutane, there are sometimes we feel worse before it become better. Even me with low dose, I got that feeling too, so depressed because all of the clogged thing in my face surfaced. And it need time. Btw do not extract acne by your self, let them heal, I worry they can lead to scarring. Sometimes when I feel it being worse and depressed, I watch before-after accutane video in youtube, there are so many successful video, and
  3. Haha not really observation, just curious because I ever in your condition too, I got acne all over my face (but not cystic), I didnt know why because I still use my acne topical daily without skip them..Even my derm didnt know what caused the acne break out so badly. Suddenly after 6 months I just realize that I got allergy from the air in my office room I got allergy from the very bad humidity there. I moved to another room, the acne slowly healed. Yeah let me know about your improveme
  4. Hi James, I am on accutane too, but really low dose . Only 10mg on Mon, Wed, Fri, and 20mg Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday So far, how's your improvement ? I think if the acne only on your neck,maybe it related on the shaving tool you use, maybe you can change the shaving tool, or you can shave slowly The irritation that you have from shaving, can lead you to cystic acne if treat improperly. You can give attention to the food you eat daily, maybe the food factor makes that too Try to
  5. Bellerophon : Hi Bellerophon, may I know where did you get you 50% TCA ? I think it's difficult to find the medical grade . Would you like to give me some recommendation ? Thanks before
  6. skin graft it's an old treament already.. many people here had it for their acnescar. you can search it. I ever read one girl posted about her skin graft treatment in Australia with very nice result
  7. i think if you talked about deep chemical peel, EXODERM , there're many threads here about EXODERM (modified phenol peel) , people got success for this but the other has negative opinion too or TCA Combination... rarely to use only TCA to get deep chemical peel If you have acne scar, you need combination technique than one chemical peel...
  8. Iam little disappointed , why SANDING AWAY SCARS thread has been closed by moderator. If I read every dermabrasion's thread that ever written in this forum, it's same , every dermabrasion's thread starter said about the dermatologist who did it, the detail procedure about it, how calm the staff there, how the post treatment, what product they use after recovery. I just googled about dermbrasion with dr Fulton, I never found it except in acne.org. Just confused
  9. I really didnt know about the sessions, but I think it's about 4-6 sessions. He did with 1.5mm and 2.0mm but as I know , he usually quite aggresive with his treatment, I only get my dermabrasion from him. In picture, we still can see the scars, but softer than before, there's any lighting effect too that can hide the scar, but we see improvement from it. As I know, we can not get high improvement with dermaroller, I never saw very good before after picture with dermaroller. I usually see good
  10. Yeah AcneMom I love to read every dermabrasion's thread. Because I think dermabrasion is an old technique of acne scar treatment that can give a big improvement for anyone who did by a good doctor. I did my dermabrasion 3 years ago with a good improvement. Maybe later your screen id will not be ACNEMOM219 again but FLAWLESSMOM hehe...
  11. Hi, I found this before-after dermaroller picture from my dermatologist. I think it's a good thing to people see how can dermaroller treat scar. My dermatologist is dr Gunawan Budi Santoso Spkk, in Indonesia. Iam from Indonesia too. I go to him when I try to treat my acne scar. It's about 3 years ago when dermaroller was not popular in Indonesia. He recommended me with dermabrasion. I did it with very nice improvement. And thinking to get dermaroller with him. I remember when he see my sca
  12. wow COOL. That's a long procedure. CHEMICAL PEEL, DERMABRASION , FRAXEL , BIOPSY PUNCH , etc.. Keep updated !
  13. Hi Romez, Iam from Indonesia too. You can still use the Dan's regime. Many people here also stick with Dan's Regime. But since we have hot climate, maybe you have to apply it less than usual. If you have adapt with Dan's Regime, I think it's not a big problem for you. Are you from Indonesia, or you come to Indonesia to visit your friend ?
  14. this is really big improvement, even we can still see some scars, but i think it wont bother you anymore, it's so soft... become so soft after that treatment. Hope there's no decrease after the swelling go. Now the thing you have to do just enchance your collagen skin, and of course prevent acne come anymore..
  15. ernestoria : wow this is a cool story man.. it really inspiring everyone. Btw, may i know how much money did you spend for each treatment ?