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  1. I've never been clear on any of the bc pills though. I unfortunately have never been acne free since I was about 12
  2. Hi everyone! I have been on yasmin/yaz for over 5 years now. Since I was 17. Well I was switched back to a yasmin generic, ocella, maybe 6 months ago? It's weird because during my 7 inactive pills my skin is as clear as can be, and when I start taking the active pills, by like the 3rd pill or so I start breaking out badly and my complexion looks more blotchy. Is it possible that the hormones in the birth control are actually causing me to breakout? I'm thinking about trying to go off the bc. I w
  3. I don't tan, I burn and freckle and I'm trying to get rid of my freckles haha. And I take a vitamin e pill but it hasnt seemed to help much. There's one from this site?
  4. I noticed it doesn't make me sick when I take it right after food, so maybe that will help? I REALLY hope it works for you too! Are you taking the extra virgin, organic, cold pressed type? The one I take is "Organic unrefined cold-pressed extra-virgin." The brand is Nutiva, but I'm sure there's other brands out there with the same stuff.
  5. I had thought about taking it before, but I've already generally cured my acne with other things. What I'm wondering is does anyone think it would help with red marks?
  6. I've had acne for MANY years. Since about 5th grade (now almost 20). Retin a micro got rid of my nodules but I still got lots of pimples. Organic extra virgin coconut oil has been amazing for me. I hear the cold press type is better. You can usually buy it at health food stores. I take 1-2 tablespoons orally every day. I just scoop it out and eat. It is kind of gross, but I think it's better to eat it that way than cooking it because cooking it might take away some of the benefits. I usually hol
  7. Hi there! I have been on this site for a long time. I had pretty bad acne. Sometimes it would be mild but then I went through horrible periods of MANY nodules. Ive been almost completely clear now for a couple months or so. The marks are fading but VERY slowly. I think it looks worse because I am soo pale. I was wondering if there were any suggestions for quicker healing without applying anything to my face? Maybe like certain vitamins? Thanks!
  8. I used mine for quite a while before I gave up, but I'm glad it worked for you!
  9. Vitamin(s)/mineral(s)/supplement(s)/other natural(s) I have heard to help acne/red marks: Vitamin C B Vitamins Zinc Omega 3's (flax or fish oil) Vitamin E Collagen Sulfur Garlic Green tea --also white tea Egg (whites and/or yolk) Lemon Honey Onion Aloe Vera (topical and/or oral) ..and I have tried them all! haha If I remember anymore I'll come back and post them. I find the omega 3's to be the most beneficial for me, but a good multivitamin/mineral pill is nice as well.
  10. Congrats! I've got a couple of long lasting marks that I'm hoping will fade eventually.
  11. Well, I put my own urine on my face, so it can't be too much worse! haha
  12. VERY GOOD ADVICE! That was what I did when I first joined acne.org. I used everything haha because everything "worked." All it did was just make my skin worse and more irritated. Gentle is the key when it comes to acne!
  13. I bought it. It actually broke me out (exfoliated too much for me), but that's because I'm already on a topical retinoid. I would advise people to wait and think about it before you buy because they are so expensive! And if you are already exfoliating your face, it might just make your skin irritated.
  14. ice, ibprofun (or something similar), and BP is what people usually use.. Some people also like aspirin masks, but this never really worked for me.
  15. about 8 years. I think the worst times being freshman & sophomore years of highschool.. but it got pretty bad again the beginning of this year. Luckily though, it has died down significantly after changing meds.