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  1. Does masturbation increase sebum production or affect it? Is that why for some people it aggravates their acne? I'm lost.
  2. does that explain the occasional pimple? for individuals with my space, where masturbation 'aggravates' acne.
  3. Yes. For me, when I do it, I often tend to breakout. FOr about a few weeks, I was clear. Then I finally gave in the masturbating. The next 1-2 days, I broke out. Also, after masturbating, more sebum is released from your pore right for an amount of time right?
  4. So I've been using Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash twice a day for the past 1-2 weeks. At first nothing happened, but then a few days later, I started getting a lot of whiteheads all over my T zone + a few on cheeks. There's also a 'cyst' or a big pustule (not sure) under my lip. I was wondering is this part of the so called 'initial breakout' or is it that the product I am using is causing more pimples for me. Also, how long do initial breakouts last? Oh yeah, I use Nixoderm on and off when
  5. okay. this is the situation. i've been washing my face with warm-hot water for the past 4 weeks now. my acne seemed to lessen down. my red spots are beginning to fade. recently, i went to my doctor to get a sports psychical, and while i'm there, he prescribed me an acne medication. -Clindamycin Phosphate Gel USP, 1%. being the stubborn one that i am, i jsut ignored the script. two days later, my mom purchased the topical and insisted that i use it. i wanted to stick to my "water" regime, but
  6. ironically, no. i started washing my face with soap again. i'm believing that i will develop rosacea. the marks seem like it's first symptoms.
  7. um. i've been doing the do-nothing regime for about 3-4 weeks now. during the first 1-2 weeks, the pigmentation cleared up a little, but i had many whiteheads near my lip. they all cleared out in a day or two, which is remarkably fast for me. the red spots are starting to come back...i think. there seems to be a lot of white specks on my face; they tend to come off when i rub them. when i pull them out, they look like solid pus. i don't know if i should keep going with this regime...
  8. i think i have another nodule on my nose. i'm not sure. right now, it's about 0.75 cm in diameter. it's a red bump. it's not as hard, but it's slightly tender. i'm pretty sure it's a nodule... anyone have suggestions? also, does nixoderm with 6% Benzoic Acid, 2.5% Salicylic Acid, and 4.6% Precipitated Sulphur have a positive affect on my bump (nodule)? will it at least reduce the swelling?
  9. hm...but the is currently a chalazion on my right upper eyelid. after researching for a bit, i found that a chalazion is the result of acne rosacea. things keep pushing toward this... =\ here is the link: http://www.rosacea.org/class/classystem.html Secondary features The following signs and symptoms often appear with one or more of the primary features of rosacea, but in some patients can occur independently. * Burning or stinging. Burning or stinging sensations with or without scaling
  10. however, about a day or two before the bump raised, there was a little pain on the red spot. if i scrunched up my nose, i would feel it, as if it were a nodule of some sort. i'm still worried that i have pre-rosacea... how long should i wait until the bump clears out to determine that it is or isn't rosacea?
  11. there was a red spot on the tip of my nose a few days earlier. now that red spot has turned into a bump. do i have rosacea since i had the red spot prior to having the bump? please help.
  12. i have this dark red spot left after my nodule. there seems to be a slight bump left. the bump feels normal, except when i run my finger over it, i can feel it slightly. i was wondering if it will fade away...or is there something still under the red mark? are there any "natural" ways of ridding the red mark. i mean without using any products and such.
  13. i hope you guys are right... :pray: the red mark has been on my nose for about 4-5 weeks now.
  14. well, there used to be a nodule on my nose. the bump has resolved, but there is still a dark/bownish spot left. if i turn to the side with a different lighting, i could see a slightly raised bump. when i run my finger along it, it feels soft (the bump). since the time the nodule has resolved, no new acne has grown in its place. does this mean that the spot will eventually go away? or is there still something under the dark spot... please help.
  15. my face might not seem less oily, but my acne resolves in a day or two, which is quite fast for me. also, my face have little to no oil. as the day goes on however, oil eventually accumulates on my skin. as far as the "do-nothing" regimen goes, i think i'll stick to it and see what happens.