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  1. sucks man. Yeah thats what I have...like if I look in a mirror or even the bottom of a cd(the worst) in bright light my skin looks horrible..however at night time its hardly visible..they still are pink though which is annoying. I don't want perfect skin, just skin that doesn't look terrible close up. Do you self needle or go somewhere for treatment?
  2. Ok, I was wondering what scar treatment to use for shallow rolling and scarred pores..They arent very deep but quite noticeable due to the quantity...Sorry I have no pics, they can't really be seen using the camera I have but are quite noticeable in bright and overhead light. Any ideas where to start?
  3. I was just wondering if these pink shallow(barely visible) indentations will fade out sometime?? I have got my acne under reasonably good control now through dans regimen but still get a few papules every week and the older spots that I had are now turning into pink indents...I'm just worried that these will be permanent thats all because that would really suck:(
  4. I hate Dove soap, it always make me break out, a lot of soaps do though.I guess some people react differently to different products.