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  1. this is the funniest thread ever...susan, i think you got a bit too defensive...i don't think the other person was "blaming" america and american food...i think he/she has a valid point, diet in different cultures is an important factor our diet (i'm from Canada) is not healthy, we have loads more gmo's in our food than any other nation, we eat meat that is pumped with steriods and wonder hey why do we keep getting acne? i lived in the uk for 2 years and although my skin wasn't completely clear,
  2. i've been trying different natural regimes a while back i did the only water wash but my skin needs more as after a day or two i was getting really itchy, than i tried washing with rose soap and moisterizing with jojoba oil and lavender, but after a while my skin got so irritated i was scratching so much, than i went back to spectrojel and a nice lavender moisterizer which is beautiful...so than, i decided i'm going to try the cleansing milk that this moisterizer is made with, the lady who makes
  3. yeah but its been about a year since i've been getting these things, shouldn't my pores purged by now? i'm tired of it, yeah i pop and forget but everymorning!!!!!!! i have never gotten this before why all of a sudden?
  4. Hey guys, i have fairly mild acne around the chin and nose area but recently the nose area has been horrible...i get really horrible whiteheads around the the corner of my noses they are itchy before they come to head...i have tried everything, exfoliating, different doctor creams, herbal natural creams and have tried nothing at all just let it be but it doesn't work...please guys any advice would be great!!!!
  5. there is a product thats sold in the uk but i can't remember the name of it, but it is the only product that has ibuprofen in it and is suppose to get rid inflamation, if you do pop it which if you did that now would probably heal in time for your wedding if you use polysporin or neosporin or some sort of healing cream...most importantly don't stress and maybe take some vitamin b complex pills to help your stress...good luck and congrats!
  6. i was given accutane by my doctor when i was 15 years old at 15 i didn't care about the side effects i just wanted my acne gone, my doctor told me there were side effects not really going into detail i had to do the blood test every month so i knew it must have been a strong medication...now that i'm 27 i still have mild acne and i understand the risks involved and would never go on it and if i understood the risks at 15 i never would have gone on it! thats the thing young people are going on ac
  7. now i have a new situation...god i feel like a science experient! i don't have any raised spots, but around my chin and nose i have tiny little white spots but they are not popable and not raised at all, what is this? i don't think i can go to the derm and get injections because they don't seem to be active spots...any advice would be great will they go away is it just because i've stopped using the natural soap and my ph balance is returning to normal or is the jojoba oil doing something...ahhh
  8. today was awesome, i didn't think about it once, every time i went to the toilet i hurried up and washed my hands without thinking about looking and when i went to a friends house because i hadn't seen my face i didn't think it looked horrible...plus its stopping me from picking at the spots which will finally let my face heal, if your anything like me, if i see a spot i have to pick and than when i pick i put something on it to make it heal which means i'm constantly at my face, sticking to som
  9. ok i know its been said a million times but if any of you guys are like me you spend hours looking at the mirror analyzing every spot...every time i go to the toilet and wash my hands i look up in the mirror and cringe (even though i know its not that bad) its an obsession ...so today i didn't look, aside from the morning wash every other time including when i went to the public toilet i didn't look at the mirror i can still feel the spots i know the ones around my nose are not getting much bett
  10. If you're an attractive young woman, I'm certainly willing to bare with you! Bryan Cheers for that lately not feeling attractive...sadly i've gone back to spectrojel my sister is getting married in less than two weeks i don't want to be experimenting thus having horrible side effects from the natural soap at her wedding...i am still using natural homemade oil made with jojo base oil with lavender, tea tree, and wee bit of rose just to relieve the dryness...lets hope that it will be fine
  11. thanks i will try the vinager solution maybe just a bit round the nose area...the thing i'm discovering with my skin is that different areas are more sensitive and react to different products, i was explaining this to a friend that also has bad skin when i used spetrojel (which is great) it didn't harm or help my skin, i didn't break out that much just a little bit here and there but my skin looked dull all over, my pores where quite big and my skin wasn't smooth...using this natural soap has ma
  12. Ive posted this in another place but thought i should put it here...i have been trying to take the natural way in sorting out my acne i've tried rose soap but it made me get little tiny pimples around my nose so i stopped now i'm trying olive oil soap that again is nice all over my skin but causing tiny little pimples around my nose whats the deal? can anyone help with advice...i really want to keep my clensing routine natural too!
  13. yes i have been getting the same thing i am 27 and my acne is more or less under control except for the area around my nose and like you said they are easy to pop pimples but seem to come up out of nowhere...HOW DO I GET RID OF THEM! i have tried everything and i can't sort it out?
  14. hey everyone i'm fairly new to this site so bare with me...i have had acne for ages (i'm 27) this past year i have thrown away all the chemicals i used on my face and with the help of a friend who studies organic and natural remedies started using natural soaps i have used rose soap but stopped because although my face did clear up and looked healthy i got really tiny pimples around my nose that really hurt, being stubborn i refused to go back to my chemical clenser (spectral jel) and found a ni