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  1. thanks for the replies guys i heard nose strips actually made the problem worse as they opened up all the pores on your nose and so left more open to clogging any thoughts on this? and i very simplton question how do i exfoliate?
  2. i have some small but numerous blackheads in the corner of my nose on either side. whats my best option for getting rid of them?
  3. i was on accutane for a year and a half.... it aint a quick fix, but it is a guaranteed one
  4. when ur on accutane u shouldnt use anything irritating on your face / sensitive skin at all. this is all from personal experience this can be something chemical or just being too rough on your skin. for example.. nose scruber thing to get rid of black heads = rudolf for the day. i also chemically burnt my cheeks once, not peeling tho, just bright red and sore i dunno what your derm has told you, so stick to their advice over what im sayin, but on accutane u should moisturise ur face morn / n
  5. i think it would be better doing it at school, that way u can fully enjoy your holidays. plus 4 months may not be enough, i've been on it for double that and i only got a not-a-single-spot-face a few weeks/month ago. plus i didnt get an initial breakout.. but i was on a low dosage (20mg) As for the lips if your 'secure' at school, or dont care wot people think u could moisturise em after classes.. my derm said i should moisturise em 12 times a day 8-[ , bloodshot eyes are an ass but if the
  6. acne_suks i hope your taking the piss. i cant rly tell u could be subtle n its on the internet so i cant tell rly... but cmon it was a joke ripping the piss outa how people blame everything on their life (like things that happen 10 years later) on accutane. i am personally on it n love the little bugga
  7. i took it and my life is finished. after accutane i only have movement in one of my legs... after i got hit by a car, and i got a STD shortly after my first pill... when i didnt use a condom. whats more i find myself greatly depressed. my wife left me, i lost my job and i am now impitant (which i also blame on accutane). i belive that none of these things affect me, and that my depression is coming from accutane. whats more after taking accutane, my cat died! DONT TAKE THIS DRUG IT IS EVIL!
  8. dont diss the derm. in my course of accutane i'd been given antibiotics, topical and nontopical steroids - jst calms the spots down. accutane is a long term cure, the antibiotics n that r to try make the course more enjoyable. the 20 mg is just to avoid outbreaks. your derms taking it slow (way hay ) so as to avoid outbreaks. again it means a more enjoyable course but it will last longer. to prove it i've been on 20 mg for 7 months! lol
  9. this is a joke - there is no way in hell you need accutane. and wtf you think she has moderate acne?!?! in that case i must of had the most bitching severe acne ever. in your case you only need accutane if nothing else works for you. as pete said trying minocyclin would be a good idea - my bro did that and he got fixed but his acne came back less than a month after he stopped it. dans regimine also a good idea but didnt work for me... i think it will work for you tho as your isnt to severe
  10. When i got accutane, i was given a leaflet which had all the possible side effects on it. there was about 300. the only side effects out of that which i have experienced is dry skin, lips and eyes (its made them very blood shot which is very bad) and on a few rare occasions after lots of excercise i had sore bones. i have to say in my experience i think accutane is a miracle drug. i had very bad acne and its now almost almost gone, now all i have is mild acne and red marks. i have been on accuta
  11. i've never rly had anything nasty said about my acne, a few young kids have occasionly said y do u have so many red marks on your face, or he has acne.. like i cant hear it [-X but no 1 i know says anything nasty. when we were away on holiday, one of my friends said wow youve got so many mosquito bites on your back but other than that.. ive had a pretty clear path =P~
  12. i got mild acne in primary 7 (UK). i was about.. 10 at the time, i had mild acne thru till about 12, then it got a bit worse, lots more red marks and then just be 4 i turned 14 i got some shit bad acne like real bad and trust me ppl, when you get acne that bad, u look back and realise how piss your acne was earlier and how much it effected your life when it was like 6 red marks or sumthing n then you got a horrible breakout that requires u to go on accutane. the funny thing is, my social li
  13. i sorta did... i got a very very small breakout just like one or two zits extra, but i found that much later on in the course (several months)i got a baaad breakout around my chin. i was on the very low dosage of 20mg per day, and when i got a breakout, my derm also put my on antibiotics and steriods, topical and non-topical lol :-s