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  1. Thanks for the replies, I am going to the derm tomorrow morning and seeing if he will put me back on accutane. I only did 4 months last course, stayed clear for a few months, but now its back. I want to do the full 5 month course and hopefully this time it will help.
  2. Minde did while on the course, but immediately after they all came back.
  3. I finished a 4 month course of 40mg a day in April of this year (2007) and while my skin was CLEAR for 4 months after it has gone back to its old ways this month. So how long should I wait if I want to go back on another round?
  4. I know that with all moisturizers there will be a film, but now that I am on Accutane, using the Cetaphil moisturizer leaves my face very shiny. Any recommendations?
  5. As if it's not bad enough having acne, I have these terrible dark circles under my eyes. I still havnt found a concealer that works well. And I want it to be as natural looking as possible (I'm a guy).
  6. Im on accutane now because my acne, though mild to moderate was just persistant, and my skin just gets super oily after 1/2 an hour. Iv tried Dermalogica, DDF, Proactiv, Murad, Cetaphil, Benzaclin, Retin A, Differin, etc etc.
  7. 2 40mg just seems to high of a dose for my situation. Also, people with oily skin that went on tane, how did it affect that aspect of your skin?
  8. Im praying that the acccutane will help me oily stay away. How long along your course did you notice that your skin wasnt oily as hell anymore?
  9. Yea, that is really amazing. You look wonderful, you must be SO happy. Congrats, you have given me hope.
  10. My super oily skin is not going away either, and nothing has helped. Im really curious on how many people actual see lasting results in the reducing of thier oil.
  11. are you applying it all over your skin then? and how much?
  12. chodo

    Oily Skin

    how much/what kind? iv tried it before for a month, and didnt see any results.
  13. Queen, congrats on your success. Im reallly intersted in the oil factore fo your regimen. how oily was it/is it now?
  14. my skin ALWAYS looks terrible after i take a shower.
  15. Yea I mean even if it does help my skin, I dont want to have to rely on this stuff for however long. Plus its wicked expensive.