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  1. just wonderin, did u see any improvement when on your 3rd month of dianette
  2. ive been on dianette now 4 nearly 3 months, nd i have seen NO improvement.....the doctor said it would take 2 years 4 me 2 see the person that perscribes accutane...
  3. lillys

    my awful acne

  4. hey guys..from my picture, do you guys think i should try out using accutane, because my acne is quiete severe now....
  5. hey shadow fade is just trying to help us here....u can either give it a go, or forget about it...its up to yerselves...
  6. oops wrong section!!!! sorry what i was on about is...there is a website called http://www.acnefreein3days.com i was wonderin had anybody tried it,and does it work........it is a natural way supposingly of clearing your skin really quickly.....what you have to do it play $40, and you get some sort of a ebook downloaded to your computer, with what you have to do to to be successful in getting clear....well its supposed to work...so if anybody has downloaded it, can they share with me, what things
  7. HEY, just wondering if anybody has tried the clear skin in 3 days, getting rid of acne by doing naturul stuff?? if anybody has, can they let me know, as im interested in hearing feedback and whats involved and stuf!!!cheerzxx