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  1. i use stievamycin and spectro jel wash and it works good i never get pimples anymore
  2. when you get immune to a certain anti-biotic does that mean you can never take it like for the rest of your life; you will always be immune? cuz i was thinking.. eveyone eventually becomes immune to these acne antibiotics after being on them for so long.. so if you stay off the biotic for a couple months will your body become un-immune to it so you can start taking it again after awhile? lets say you're on Tetra for one year and become immune can u stay off it for 3 months so your body becomes u
  3. umm i was on tetracycline then my doc took me off it and gave me stievamycin to use alone just with spectrojel, no anti-biotics. i think this gel works really well, but it tends to dry out your face a lott in the areas you apply it on, so make sure when you rinse your face in the morning you take it off really good or apply a moisturizer, and since i wear coverup it looks more flakey. but otherwise it's a good gel it makes your face feel real tight and don't apply a lot.
  4. when i took tetracycline i was on 250 mg twice daily
  5. how come everyone's saying that they used tetracycline for like a year meanwhile my doctor wouldn't let me stay on it for more than 8 weeks? he thot that was too long of time and took me off it, now i just use a stievamycin topical gel. you know how they say your system gets immune to these antibiotics.. what if you stay on tetracycline a couple months, then get off for a month, then go back on again? wouldnt that be a way of helping to not be immune cause ive been off tetra for almost a month
  6. i was given tetracyclin oral antibiotic which i was on for 2 months. it worked really good i dont get any more acne really, maybe just a few whitehead things here and there but very small. now ive been off it for 1 week and im using the stievamycin gel which i like but leave my face a little dry. i jus hope i dont start breaking out ne time soon now that im off the tetracycline
  7. i loved tetracycline, i broke out by the first week just a little. i got a few pimples over the course but they healed within a day. i think maybe u just got a late inital breakout maybe? theres nothing to worry about im sure itll start working soon.. thing is my doctor said u shouldnt really be on that for over 3 months, i was on it for 2 and he thot i was pushing it. now im off it and doing topical gels
  8. umm i use about a pea size for each cheek, and do u know if it helps with red spots?
  9. i just applied it for the first time right now (i only apply on my cheeks) and instantly the skin on my cheeks feels tight and my eyes kind of stung for a few seconds, i guess its really strong. does it help with redspots/scarring? like help the spots fade faster and even out skin complexion?
  10. what is a longterm fix? other than like.. accutance dont these creams help prevent acne and the existing acne no matter how long youre on them for?
  11. it took someone i know 2 in a half months to see results and now they're absolutely acne-free. and they broke out during the first weeks of the minocyclin. so i would just wait
  12. i was on tetracycline anti-biotics for 8 weeks, they worked really good and i was pleased with the results. today i went to my doctor and he said he wanted me off the pills and start topical creams. so starting today i will be using Spectrgel (i was using this face wash while on tetra also), and Stievamicin topical cream. so anyone who is using or has used this topical please tell me your results and how it worked for u.. and does this cream have an initial break out thats supposed to happen?
  13. yea i would like to know the answer to that also. i get a couple cysts a year, so if i dont take accutane will they just never stop until i grow outa acne on my own, or can the cysts stop and ill just get normal pimples even w/o accutane? (im taking tetraycline now tho)
  14. umm i think what he means is if you're taking 2 pills a day, take 1 pill.. so you will have like double the pills that will last you longer. but if i were you i would call your doctor and get the secretary to reschedule your appointment.