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  1. Can I take evening primrose oil and grounded flaxseed together? I am currently taking 1 table spoon of grounded flax seed in the mornings with lots of water. Later in the day I take 1300mg 2x of evening primrose oil.
  2. I am currently taking 1 table spoon of grounded flax seed in the mornings with lots of water. Later in the day I take 1300mg 2x of evening primrose oil. I am just not sure if it would be fine to take this supplements together.
  3. wow Laura, when I read your story it was like reading mine. In the begining I started having some breakouts, 3-4 at most, but I continuosly checked my face in mirrows and cried about it which made matters worse. From having 4 zits , all of the sudden it went to all over my face and back. I couldn't sleep because i kept thinking about my face.thought of suicide, didn't go out at all, everything you said. I knew it was because i kept thinking about my face but it was so difficult to stop and forge
  4. you sound just like me when i started getting acne. I started breaking out at 21 now I am 25 and i still break out, not as much though. right now i have 4 active ones and i hate them. at 21 i cried all day, didn't go out, i was always irritated, didn't want to see anybody, closed my curtains so light would get in,looked in the mirrow all the time, etc. I remember i was so stressed because of it, that it was difficult form me to sleep.Like you, my breakouts happened suddently, I always had clear
  5. why not try a nutricionist.... maybe grounded flaxseed and epo might be good for you... let me know how things turn out. i took diannett for 5 months and had to stop because i had panic attacks, not sure if it was the pills but decided to stop and see a nutricionist who suggested flaxseed, epo and vitamins and how to handle stress... now i have some from now and then ,not clear clear but better.... good luck
  6. hi ladies I haven't posted here in a while, well bad news for me, I have stopped taking diane35 on my fourth month because i was experiencing anxiety/ panic attacks with shortness of breath which i never never had before taking diane 35. My face did clear in my third month but wasn't happy since my side effects were horribleee!!!!!!1 i decided to see a naturopath and she explained that the pills might have cause me to have all of this because it depletes b vitamins. I have always been stressed
  7. I was on diane 35 for 4 months.. the last month on the pill I was having anxiety/panic attacks with shortness of breath which I never had before taking diane. My face did clear by the third month but for me it was horrible to continue taking it. I decided to go to a naturopath wich explained that diane35 lowered my b vitamins and that caused my anxiety. I have always been stressed out way before taking diane which meant that I was deficient with b vitamin and when I took diane35 it made it wors
  8. white spots on finger nails might be a deficiency of zinc. try to do a research about it. You may also see a nauropath to help you with this.. good luck
  9. kriszti: I want to take bcp until am ready to have kids, they say that some women experience good skin while pregnant and others don't, how was it with you? The chin breakouts i think are hormonal but since you want another baby then maybe try asking your doc for something that will subside the breakouts. I heard that green smoothies are great for the skin but i don't know if it would be good for pregnant women mybe do a reaserch on that.... do you know if vitamins can be taken with bcp? i wan
  10. rachelS: I know how you feel, I don't know if you read my post but I have also canceled plans with friends and didn't go out at all for a long long time. I was dating my boyfrined who now is my husband now and it was so bad to even see him straight on the face , cause when he met me i was clear and then all of the sudden i broke out baddly. i was so ashamed of showing my face. I used to stay home and cry my eyes out, I stopped going to school, seeing my friends and well it was like as if i was
  11. did you break out after stopping the bcp? I heard that it does after you stop it. i am currently taking diane35 and I will not conceive in about 5 years and hoping that after i stop my bcp my hormones have stabilized and don't breakout. If I do then I guess I could take bcp after I have baby? are bcp affective when you try it the next time? why was ortho terrible for you what side effects did you experience with it ? franchesca: I don't wear my make up everyday, but sometimes I feel that wea
  12. I have been taking bcp for almost 3 months and I actually don't wear my make up everyday just on special occations only. last time i wore make up it was on one of my 7 day break and i wore mineral make up inthat particular day so I don't know if the two spots I got were because of the break or make up. what I do know is that the next day i wore my make up i woke up with two spots......could it possibly be because of the minerals?? The weather here is hot and humid also but I mostrly spend indoor
  13. ok i have tried everyday mineral makeup and the next day i woke uo with two spots on my checks. I have used neutrogena foudantion before having acne and it never broke me out... right now i am on bcp to help with my acne and have taken a break on putting make up... i will be going to a party soon and i am afraid to apply my mineral make up because i wake up with spots...... is the mineral make up causing this brakouts or could it be coinsidence? should i go back to neutrogena foundation instead?
  14. SAHARA: I also didn't have any breakouts in the fist days, after the 7th day or so I brokeout and I freaked out. keep up with the treatment, things will get better.Do not stress out cause things might get worse, Iknow it's difficult but it will do you good and the initial breakout will go away faster. In the third month mark most people see improvement of 30% , others a bit more and sometimes others are completely clear.It just depends on the individual. I agree with coffeejunkie, stick with it