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  1. I just wanted to comment that I had a couple of questions about Fraxel and decided to e-mail them about the acne scarring procedure. They e-mailed me back and said "Acne scarring is not one of our current FDA cleared treatment indications, therefor we can not comment about that." Kind of strange since they have before and after pictures of acne scarring on their website.
  2. I think that Doctor is insane. :crazy2: :D First of all, I am very leery of Doctors still offering Thermage. :ninja: Take a look around on other beauty message boards. There are several stories online from patients, with not so happy endings, who did Thermage. So that's Strike ONE. Strike TWO is convincing you , you need both right off the bat. Strike THREE, would be recommending 10 F#@$%# treatments, instead of the standard 4 to 5 recommended. You don't even see significant results until a
  3. The doctor was Dr. Michaelak. There is only one other place that I found in the area that offers Fraxel, so I'm going for a consultation next week. I looked into CO2 laser but the downtime was much more appealing with Fraxel but it would be about 1/2 the $ so I might have to do that.
  4. I just had a consultation with a doctor here in Seattle about Fraxel. He recomended 10 Fraxel treatments along with a thermage treatment that would help tighten the skin and help stimulate the colagen growth. Of course the Fraxel is $1,250 per treatment and the Thermage is $2,500. For a grand total of $15,000! And I would see between a 40% to 60% improvement. There's no way I can afford that! But my scarring covers both my cheeks and one of my temples, so I would be very happy with that ki
  5. I'm looking into Fraxel as well. How much does each procedure cost where you are located? Here in Seattle it's $1,200 and I was told that it averages a 15% improvement each time. Of course I will have to get subcision first too.. so there's more $ !! :confused:
  6. Thanks... That's actually what I'm looking into, subcision then Fraxel. I have a consultation next week. As far as the HIV goes I know people that have had it for 20 years! So I'm not to awful depressed over it, the meds they have now work really well.
  7. I've been told that scar revision is best to do before as well, but I can't seem to find anyone in the Seattle area that does any. Also it seems that every procedure I happen to look into there seems to be just as many people that are for it as against it. It makes it hard to try and decide what to seriously look into when there are so many people with horror stories about every procedure. I realize that everyone is different and some things work well on some people and not so well on others
  8. Thanks fighter05 for all the info. It gives me alot to think about. I'm thinking about looking into Fraxel laser or Laser resurfacing which has alot less down time and less risks then dermabrasion. Allthough I don't think I have any facial fat loss (Lipodistrophy), I do know that my immune system isn't what it should be as I had a low t-cell count when I first found out I was + last Febuary. I've been on meds and I'm totaly healthy now all my counts are way up and have a undetecable viral lo
  9. I'm not so sure about a lawsuit. What really gets me is that it took alot of courage,time and money for me to even get to this point, just to be turned away the day before the surgery. Of course the doctor said he would refund my money but when I brought up the fact that I wanted a refund on the prescriptions and the cost of the bloodwork he said he would have to get back to me. I can't believe he would even question that at all. Unfortunatly I can't find any other doctors that do deep wire
  10. I went in for my consultation back in October and filled out all the paperwork (wrote down what medications I'm taking etc.) and since I'm HIV+ I devulged that as well. So since then I've been saving up my money (the surgery costs $4,000!) and I made my appt. for January 25. So yesterday I went in for my pre-op appt to pay the money, and discuss the surgery that is supposed to happen tomorrow. I went and got my prescriptions and blood work done and was waiting for tomorrow since this has bee
  11. Coolbreeze, Did your pigment ever change back? or is it still pinkish/brown? I'm going in for my first dermabrasion next Wed and that is one of my fears. Thanks,
  12. Thanks, I'm actually 32... I still have yet to see any before/after acne scarring pics. I can't seem to be able to look up members photos.
  13. I had bad acne when my doctor put me on Accutane, which made me break out worse and the acne scabbed over and I would wake up in the morning and the scabs were tore off from sleep and that's what caused my scarring.
  14. [attachmentid=3217]Ok so I'm going in for my first deep wire brush dermabrasion next week (I've been told I'll need about three total and will see about a 20% improvement each time) I don't understand why I can't seem to find any decent before/after photos from dermabrasion on someone with more than 1 or 2 small scars. Does anyone know where I can find any? I plan on posting my own photos on here to show how well the procedure works on someone with significant scarring. Thanks!
  15. I went to a plastic surgeon today and he recomended a face tuck which is like a partial face lift not involving the neck. But then you have to use fillers on deeper scarring. I'm considering this because he says that a face lift lasts for about 10yrs. and I would prob. see about a 60% improvement. The Downside it will cost about $8,500