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  1. Hmm, I used to have horrid allergies and I dont anymore and never sneeze. But whenever i pick or pop a zit or cyst I sneeze alot. Why? Does anyone else?
  2. Some days it stings others it doesnt. Its a great lotion, its helped to fade my marks alot and it works great with my concealer. I used to have horrible acne and now I get a few pimples here and there but its basically just red marks and healing scars
  3. were do you go tanning a tanning salon? How long do you usually stay
  4. Sooo summer is here. After being clear for quite some time I rarely have any pimples ever show up anymore. I have pretty much not had cystic acne anymore and a few pimples here and there. Ive been on differin for 3 months and minocycline once a day 100mg. My derm also just put me on finecian once a dy inthe mornings and differin and a plexion mask at night. So the sun is out longer and I want to enjoy the weather. Ive layed out in the sun a couple times but its not that strong yet. My red marks
  5. I think I may have this The past 2 years Ive had steady acne. Mostly my face and back, really bad cystic acne on my face. Ive been on Minocycline about a year and have been using differin gel and my face is practicaly clear and my back is great. Ive had 2 big breakouts lately on my chest, 1 about 1 month ago and it cleared up and one about a week ago and its small bumbs and whiteheads and isnt seeming to go away. My derm prescribed me finecea to use on it, any suggestions? Im not even sure if
  6. I know a majority of the people on here are still batling acne and I know alot are clear but have to keep up with it everyday. BUT How long did it take you to get clear and what worked best for you and if you grew out of it around what age. Im really curious due to the fact that Im partly clear,lots of red spots and a few active pimples but my chest broke out horrid and Im getting sick of this. Its presistent, if summer doesnt help and I cant tan a bit to help it off Im gonna go on accutane
  7. Alright so the past few months Ive been on a Cetaphil, Differin regime in the morning with a Cetaphil, PLexion SCT mask at night, 75mg Mino once a day. Ive been on it for around 3 months now and the first 2 months were horrid with several terrible breakouts. Now Im alot clearer with red marks fading but I was recently put down from 100mg of mino to 75mg of mino once a day. My chest broke out horrid and my face has a couple marks here and there. I just went to the derm and she changed my regime
  8. 2001 1.8T Wolfsburg Edition Jetta, and yes I love the deep dishd everyones different honestly keep with it, youll see a huge improvement after weeks 5 and 6. Its worth it, if you ever need any advice let me know.
  9. Im now 20 and started getting acne when I was 18, freshman year of college. I never got acne befor, not once until end of senior year. I wasnt to concerned with my appearance at the time and my acne wasnt bad but I picked, and picked, and picked. I started to get very very cystic acne. A few big cysts a month. I started seeing a derm summer befor my freshman year. I was pescribed a bunch of topicals Benzaclin, BP Gel, BP Face wash of all percents up to %8. Nothing really worked that well, all
  10. In weeks Id say 4-5 I had a bad breakout and it subsided and I started to get clear. Now Im on week 7-8 and Im having a horrid breakout again, Im just getting over it and its healing but it sucks. Hopefully after this breakout Ill start to clear up
  11. Alright, so Ive been on the stuff around a month and a half now. I had a HORRID inital breakout around week 4 and then I really started to clear up for a while. The past two days though have been HELL, Im breaking out bad again. Small whiteheads and pimples all over, what the hell is going onnnnnnn. Anyone?
  12. Thanks that gives me hope, I have a bunch of small pimples popping up, worst breakout ive had in a while but thank god its not cystic. Anyways yeah Im only on about week 4 so Im gonna stick with it and hopefully ir improves.
  13. Did you have a bad intial breakout? Is it over or are you still breaking out?