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  1. I find Jojoba oil an invaluable necessity with this regimen. It has helped clear my skin further as it's not as dry and irritated. Also, it helps your moisturizer to last longer when you add it to it. I add about 8 drops at the moment, when my skin is more tolerant to the BP I may be able to reduce this. Good luck
  2. Hey if it's any help this is the only self tan that worked well for me. It hasn't been over-drying or cause me to breakout. It gives a nice brown tan as oppose to an orange glow that some tanners give. I get this in the UK. Not sure where you're from but you could maybe find this near you too hopefully. http://www.boots.com/loreal-sublime-bronze-express-self-tan-face-mist-75ml-10069254 Happy tanning
  3. Happy birthday. : )

  4. How is the jojoba oil working for you? I love it!

  5. Thanks for the advice KCMN. I was thinking about doing this first off but didn't think it was "good practise" I'll definitely give it a try knowing it works for others. Thanks again. How many drops do you use each time btw... I'm guessing it would be more if you were applying it first as it would get absorbed much quicker?
  6. I don't think I will use a moisturizer again with the AHA. I just thought well hey, my skin is dry, lets add more moisturizer to it. But, I'm guessing your skin can only absorb so much, so why waste and add moisturizer that isn't needed? I am just so sick of the stupid dryness and flakey looking skin. Makes makeup look like crap and my skin is more oily since it's producing more to compensate for the dryness! Surprisingly, my skin doesn't look as bad as it did yesterday and isn't oily. Maybe the
  7. I added 6 drops as Dan suggested - I'll try 3 as it's quite moisturising from what I felt last night Thanks for the advice too!
  8. Yes PLEASE distribute in the UK. There's so much market over here for your product it would do so well... and save us all a FORTUNE on shipping costs I'd be more than interested in helping in anyway I could.. you know, being in the UK and all lol.
  9. I sooo need to moisturise every morning and night without fail or my skin feels like a dried prune. I'm pretty sure over-dryness can cause acne - and probably more so than over-moisturised skin.. although that's just what I've found.
  10. I use one, I find it plenty. And apply it everywhere - even where acne doesn't seem evident just to be safe... on your face I mean anyway!
  11. Don't be shy with that moisturiser mate.. from experience you can never overdose, just let it sink in to soothe that dry skin. Keep powering through and don't be disheartened with all the peely, dry problems - they will ease gradually and you'll be a radiant youth again
  12. I can only use AHA once a week tops, my skin is just really sensitive to it, which is ironic as I thought my skin was pretty not-sensitive. Anyway - I wouldn't suggest using the moisturiser with it aswell, I think the double combo plus the BP would just be too much - and AHA is moisturising in itself. I use BP.. allow to dry.. then a very thin layer of AHA, but not very often. Hope you have some more luck with it, it's a fantastic product just be gentle with it.
  13. OK When should I be applying it..? Before during after treatment..moisturiser? I have no idea. I just used it for the first time this evening, it feels nice although I mixed it in with the moisturiser as Dan recommends on one of his pages and it went too runny and it was quite a challenge getting it all onto my face! Any suggestions would be great. PS. Using it mainly for dryness. Thanks!
  14. I used ON Whey for months and months, and didn't notice it affected my acne at all. Moved on to Reflex Instant Whey now, better quality and macros. Happy Training!
  15. Yes this is exactly what I mean. Luckily after using it for 3 nights all over my face (with breaks inbetween) I haven't experienced any "purging". I think it would have happened by now so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I won't get it. Apart from that my skin is much more red and sore. I applied a full finger's length last night and woke up with quite a red face this morning, even though my skin was clearer and had a slight glow to it, which was nice lol. I'm going to keep using it but leave