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  1. This can't be said for everyone. YOU try doing a complete vegetarian diet for 5 months, no dairy, meat, processed etc and cut out alcohol too. I did this and it did NOTHING for my acne. It has very little to do with the liver, OK some people may be able to treat their acne throuigh diet, but for the majority, it's hormonal and uncontrollable through a strict eating regime. I don't believe the acne diet hype, although I do eat a very healthy diet still. Yeah I agree, I've yet to see a healthy
  2. You are not taking into account that as people get older their eyesight gets worse. This coupled with 'beer' goggles makes unlikely bed fellows! Homosexuals! Darwinian Paradox? LOL! We are all bisexual. We were all conceived as women. Thats why men have nipples. The penis is an enlarged clitoris and the scrotum is an enlarged labia. Cos of religous bullshit theres still alot of denial about this especially in US. And before u ask, I'm classed as straight. never slept with a bloke, but if
  3. SA products should be used all over affected area twice daily. Week by week skin improves, wth continuous use (years) skin gets even better from what I've read of life long users. An initial breakout does sometimes happen with 2% SA, but its a purge, they should clear up fast, u should continue a long as you are not irritated or super dry. A chart of the typical week by week affects on skin is on the drugstore.com for the product. Reviews by buyers is very good. http://www.drugstore.com/produc
  4. Tea Tree Oil... Tea tree oil reduces histamine-induced skin inflammation http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/query.f...2873&query_hl=3 Tea tree oil reduces histamine-induced oedema in murine ears http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/query.f...8268&query_hl=3 Tea tree oil reduces the swelling associated with the efferent phase of a contact hypersensitivity response http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/query.f...6511&query_hl=3 Terpinen-4-ol, the main component of the essential oil of Melal
  5. Acne prevention is about exfoliation and an antibacterial. Not only is exfoliaiotn good for preventing acne but it stops the antibacterial clogging as well. Which is why toothbrush exfoliation+Neo works. Neo is potentially pore clogging but exfoliation combats that. Salicylic acid(SA)+Sulfur, sulfur clogs pores but again SA stops that problem. I reckon if u only used 2% Tea Tree Oil cleanser with toothbrush exfoliation you'd still get great results. I think post tane it would seem bact
  6. I had the same on BP. Dan recommends using an Eucerin Skin renewal (has AHA) with regimen (which I didnt). I think an AHA will help now I'm using a BHA salicylic acid (SA) it really helped get rid of 2 cysts. It was slow but it worked. Whereas when I was on BP it just seemed to stay. I dont think BP is a strong kerolytic so u need something to help with exfoliaiton. I have also stopped using BP for quite a while now so I can use SA Pads. I think an SA cleanser with BP should be OK, doesnt seem
  7. No, because that is simply wrong. Both the percentage of the active ingredient as well as the total dose determine the tissue levels in human skin or in a pathogen. Unless the tissue levels are within the useful range the medicine doesn't work or will have sideeffects. But for any given percentage, there's a maximum tissue level that a medicine can supply, so slapping on ten or even one hundred times as much of 1/10 the concentration can still only ever reach, say, 1/10 the tissue levels of t
  8. Well whilst you can get a list of so called pore cloggin (comedogenic) ingredients the truth is if a cosmetic is thick and gunky then its more likely to clog pores. Liquidy moisturisers in my experience tend to be shiny but dont clog pores. The matt kind are usually thick, gunky, and use pore cloggin powders. I find it best if u can go without moisturisers overall. If u got pore clogging crap then use an AHA or salicylic acid which prevents that!
  9. Either or both. Can we agree that it is ultimately on the dose of the active ingredient and % can give a false sense of security? Respect Wolfkeeper
  10. IMO Accutane tends to saturate the body with a vitamin A like substance. This saturation wears off. If you've grown out of acne by the time it wears off great, if not u have to do another course or use a regimen. My half assed stupid thoery (before I get shot down in flames) on it is if ur bodyfat % is low u dont store enuf vitamin A from food so Accutane super fills your liver with the A like stuff (the clever bit is removing alot of the toxicity of off the shelf A). Skinny people tend to have
  11. I dont use BP anymore and never have tried it with SA. AHA is meant to be worse than SA so u may find it OK with BP. I wouldnt use BP, but if u must, use a very very thin film and dont constantly spot treat. Overdosing on anything IMO causes red marks. I'd say use C&C cleanser if it has no SA in it, but get as much make up off as possible b4 using pad/wipe. Witch hazel applied b4 cleansing is sposed to be good for removing makeup. Im a bloke so I aint too sure. I luv the 'bite' of the pads e
  12. Hydrogen peroxide is used by BPGal she discusses it in this thread... http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=73596
  13. Even skin grafting techniques pioneered in WWII are better IMO due to there being no need for a life time of immuno suppressant drugs. The Guinea Pig club veterans look pretty good these days, must be due to decades of skin turnover. One guy said the only strange thing for him was having to shave his nose due to the skin graft comin from his hairy torso. This is really an experiment, research into growing tissue/limbs etc from hosts DNA is more realisitic without all the horror film donor con
  14. Have u tried using less of the new stuff?