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  1. Yeah dude i mean the eye drops im using are helping but there not taking it away im blinking like crazy at points of the day, my vision i wouldnt say is blurry but idk, Its just annoying. Im wondering if any one else has had this problem?
  2. So ive been off tane since about december skin and good and all, but my eyes are still dry wtf? Has any one else had this problem? I got my eyes checked a fews weeks ago got 20 30 vision have to wear glasses at night, but he sas theres dry spots in them, tryed other eye drops havent worked so i guess im gonna have to get some pres eyes drops, They hopfully will take this away cus its really annoying.
  3. man, im really upset at my self for not updating this, well ill give the recap of it. 2 months later, i am acne free except one little one on the side of my temple, which i think may be cause i got hit up there playing basketball. Nut so far so good, im hoping it stays clear, im just waiting for the rest of the redness, and acne scars to go away. thats not that good of a pic, but ill take more later and try to find some before i went on tane.
  4. I feel the same way! Well not really because I am sorta shy with or without acne but the acne is sure making it worse for me to talk to guys I like. I feel like I wanna be flawless before ever talking to them. bingo i could get a gf easly but my standers are very high.
  5. im talking to a few girls but i set my standers high ive been single for like 5 months ill have a gf soon though, acne made me real shy but im starting to break that
  6. i was told u get acne in spots u never had it, whch could be the reason why, like me im getting some break outs on my neck i never had acne there so who knows.
  7. Let her know you're interested in the beginning. If you approach her like a friend then you're going to be looked at as a friend (most of the time). 100 percent right thats still kind of my problem, i need to start appracching girls i like differently.
  8. Your mind is what tells your body what to do. It is basically on autopilot unless you learn how you can control it. It's great to hear about your brother. I am willing to bet his attitude changed before his acne changed. i do belave if u have good personalty u can get a good or at least decent looking girl, ive had some good looking girls like me, my acne has made me really shy but ive gotting better, i agree 100 percent with u if u put your self at there you can get a good looking girl a
  9. I am the same as you too! You know I'm on my third month of Accutane and my inital breakouts are WORST THAN EVER. You really can't imagine how bad it is! I am really depressed for quite some time! But hey, I thought to myself, this is the time for me to meet REAL friends. You know, those who sees you as who you are and not what you look like?! Yea, this is something I thought to myself, those friends who are shallow leave, those who sees you as who you are stays. I am sure you don't want to h
  10. i agree if your cute have some acne had blah blah, and like me and think im cute ied give it a go.
  11. i have if i knew alot of girls would be there, ive turned down a party or 2 just for being so shy becuase of my acne.
  12. i kind of have the same problem ive been kissed many of times, but i get really shy around preety girls, which i could probably get al ot of them basically u just need to show some balls, which not trying to be mean i have a tough time doing it to i think once u break it though it will be the best thing that can happen.
  13. welcome to my world they just havent said the after tane part. lol. I'm actually on the drug and I've been a low-dose. I was treating mild (mild!) acne and it cleared up in 3 months (not completely, so I stayed on the drug). Then it developed into full blown moderate acne which scarred. Seriously. Now I am full of red marks with closed comedones which sometimes inflame. Other than that nothing is happening. I am just really tired of the drug. I want to get off. My derm wasn't specific abou