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  1. i always use the listerine whitening mouthwash but im gonna try the flouride free toothpaste because that really is the last thing i thought that was causing it because i get them in the corners of my mouth too and i knew they werent cold sores. Then i already wash my sheets and pillowcases once a week sometimes twice but im trying to figure if my chapstick has anything to do with it and if i should stop using that whitening mouthwash. but at least i have some kind of an idea of what is causing
  2. i keep getting pimples around my mouth and its mostly just small bumps that dont look like cold sores but are about the same size and sometimes a bigger one will come out i dont know why at all. if its my chapstick? anyone know what can get rid of the problem???
  3. hi what if anything can i use to numb my skin before i do needeling myself??
  4. i ordered the prosacea online and im still awaiting it, i went to the derm once and yes the roscea cream he prescribed me was like 70 dollars and i just couldnt afford to get refills, so i havent had help since. also i dont like putting things on my face such as bp and or peels and exfoliators because it does make my rosacea verrrrrrrry bad and im flared up for almost a day. then thats horrible because what can i use on my few little pimples i still get and acne scarring? i dont really break out
  5. what is better, the cream or gel?? also should i get the .05 percent or .10 percent?? i have some mild scarring and a lot of red marks and discoloration. also rosecea and brown patches. im clueless on this please help!
  6. has anyone tryed this new over the counter roscea cream?? i just ordered it online and im waiting for it to get here but i wanted to see if anyone here has tryed it??
  7. hi i was wondeirng if anyones tried it because it says it gets ride of discolorations and indented surfaces? i mean if it is made for stretch marks and those are indented like a scar i would assume it would work? but i was just checking opinions on it first because its 135.00!!! thanks!!
  8. =/ its weird because now im starting to completely agree that i have roscea and really irritated skin because i took someones advice to only wash my face once every 2 days and i havent put anything on my face at all and my red marks and redness really arent there, but the little 4 brown marks still show and the little bit of actual scarring but thats it. still not good enough for me but im gonna look into findin roscea cream online so i dont have to go to the derm, and see if that helps me out s
  9. Well actually I thought the webmaster for acne.org could make a "pinned thread" on top of the scar forum, along with the other pinned threads i wish theyd do that! itd be great because my scarring i think is mild so i wanted to see if there was anyone else who had some similiar to mine
  10. LOL...what people will do to improve scars. This reminds of the zap a zit device marketed on infomercials like 10 years ago where you zap a zit and it's gone the next day...lol. I really hope this works for you. I really do. hahah thats what i thouhgt, one of those pore cleaner things. but then i started readin that thread and it seems pretty legit and so i looked some up and even on ebay theyre like 500 dollars. i mean im sorry i wouldnt want to spend that much and then it not work
  11. OMG THAT THING IS $1500?!?!?!!?!?!?!?! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW. i only read some of that thread so far and just wow if that thing really works thats amazing because those peoples scars went completly away. but omg i CAN NOT afford that, i cant even afford to go to the derm, so hopefully you have tips on finding a cheaper one?????