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  1. jajajaja Rebel me estas matando de la risa! Yeah there is a website for contacts, http://www.coastalcontacts.com. I use Acuvue 2 Colors (Gray).
  2. LOL Do I look that Cuban? No I'm not from/or in Miami, but I am Cuban.
  3. Thank you, I know it doesn't even look like me. But yeah, I did a lot of improvements in myself as well as my skin! Good luck to you, I'm pretty sure your skin will turn out just as great!
  4. Thank you all. Yes, the red marks dissapear with time, which I may have one or two on the side, but that just needs time. Even though very minimal scarring is left, that's why I want a laser resurfacing or demambresion. You cannot really see, but if you look closely you can. Yes I do tan, and I swim a lot, so I'm expose to the sun very often.
  5. Thank you, and yes that's what I went for Metro/Prep! XD HAHAHA nice way to describe it. I'm very very happy with my change. Good luck on yours!
  6. It was 20mg twice a day. So basically 40mg. Yes, I tried many contacts (as you see in my before accutane pictures, but none really looked good, until I tried the gray, which is what I wear all the time, aside from my natural color.) Oh.. yeah, they are not very expensive, but they are still pricey. (around $40.00 a pack of 6 contcts = 3 pairs; each pair is good for 2 weeks). I know, I gained soooo much confidence back.
  7. Okay, I'm done with Accutane, and I have updated the first post.
  8. My skin cleared up immidiatly. I'm off accutane, and my skin is clear. I still have some red blemishes, but that will go away with the time.
  9. Okay... so I have been on accutane for about 3 and a half months, but I want to take this GNC Product called GNC Pro Performance® Weight Gainer 2200 Gold, but I checked the label and it has Vitamin A 3000.00 IU 60% so... I know Accutane is based on Vitamin A, and if you take more Vitamin A while on accutane it could damage your liver. So... I should take this Weight Gainer right after I'm done with Accutane, or like six months after I'm finished with Accutane?
  10. I've been on Accutane for 3 weeks already (40 mg a day - 20mg and 20mg-) and my face has become very dry, and my face has been very clear lately. However, my back has been itching, and I notice a rash around the sides. Is this normal? Anyone having the same issue?
  11. Week 3 Wow, is been 3 weeks already! My body is very dry (I drink a lot of water and liquids though) and so is my face. My lips... I don't even have lips anymore. They are red, dry, ugly. I have been using chapstick (blistex) and carmex, and they have helped somehow. I have backpains, but than again, my part-time is lifting boxes for UPS, so that may have worsen the side effects of backpain. However, my face is clearing so quickly. Drying and healing. This is really amazing. I can't wait to s
  12. Week 2 My face has been clear of new acne. All the skin oil is gone, and my face has been drying as well as my eyes. People at work thought I was high or something. I wear contacts and they made my eyes red, specially because they where dry. My lips are chapped badly. My head keeps itching (glad to know is not just me) and some muscle pain. That's all for now... I will post pictures later.
  13. It's the same thing, just under a different brand name. You go "Claravis" and some here would be like "WTF?" but you say "Accutane" and everyone here knows what it is. Just the name. I'm on Claravis (Generic for Accutane).
  14. Yeah, I think I'm going to try the drops you guys recomened, and if that doesn't work I'll look into getting glasses in the meantime. Today I didn't wear my contacts for school, and I couldn't see jack. I don't know if I'm going to wear them at work or not.
  15. you got any before and after pictures?