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  1. if you have moderate acne it wont be gone in a month of 10mg/day, sadly to say. ive been on accutane 40/mg a day, not even half way through my foruth month and im still getting pimples. talk about a higher dosage with your derm
  2. MMarr


    Hey new_member. I took Differin Creme for approximately 3 months about a year ago, my dermatologist had prescribed me to take it every second day, and even then when i woke up i had mild redness, so Im sure your situation isnt too uncommon ;-). I also had horrible redness around my lips when I was taking BP, which i used for about 6 months before giving up lol. You should call back the medical assi. saying you still want to be on differin but that the creme would probably be more suitable f
  3. Hey jesKane. No, they did not find any drugs whatoever in my blood, as they dont have the right to check for anything except what theyre looking for unless your parents pay extra and ask for it specifically. so you're good to go haha ->Day 42<- +-----------------Side Effects-----------------+ |MILD| - Dry Eyes -------------------------------------------------- |YES| - Chapped Lips -------------------------------------------------- |NO| - Dry Skin ----------------------------
  4. ->Day 26<- +-----------------Side Effects-----------------+ |NO| - Dry Eyes +-----------------------------------------------+ |YES| - Chapped Lips +-----------------------------------------------+ |YES| - Dry Skin +-----------------------------------------------+ |MILD| - Sore Joints/Muscles +-----------------------------------------------+ |NO| - Rashes +-----------------------------------------------+ |NO| - Red Face +-----------------------------------------------+ |YES| - Moody/Irrita
  5. KrisCy777 - chapped lips arw a bummer arent they. do you know if aquaphor is sold in canada? ive been looking but havent found it anywheres. OMG... the girl that took my bloodtest seemed to think i was going to faint or something "deep deep breaths"... then when i looked at i merely said "op, shouldnt have looked at that haha" and she was like "oh no are you ok? do you need a glass of orange juice?" now im thinking well its not that big a deal.. but sure... "yeah alright" so she gives me th
  6. ->1st Bloodtest<- Going in for my bloodtest... fuck i hate waking up early. i have to go early because its not open any other time except during school, so i had to wake up an hour and a half earlier than usual. i feel like shit. im drinking lots of water in hopes of doing fine on this test, which i probably will.. i just dont feel like getting blood scked out of me today. o well. Im not going to update today, I will tomorrow.
  7. ->Day 24<- +-----------------Side Effects-----------------+ |MILD| - Dry Eyes -------------------------------------------------- |YES| - Chapped Lips -------------------------------------------------- |YES| - Dry Skin -------------------------------------------------- |NO| - Sore Joints/Muscles -------------------------------------------------- |NO| - Rashes -------------------------------------------------- |OCCASIONAL| - Red Face -------------------------------------------------- |NO| -
  8. dangermouse - haha i know!! lip pimples are terribly ugly, painful, and awkward. oh well Brittany - Hey britt. I checked your log a while back, i think i may have posted something.. anyways how are side effects and acne coming along? any changes? Don't worry about my sadness. Really, it's no biggy. I'm rather used to it, its just something that follows me around, and some people dont believe im an unhappy person when i tell them, because i am obviousely very good at hiding it and pre
  9. BP. SA only made my face tight and red. BP helped for a while, but it was too much of a hassle. now im on the Tane. Check out my log
  10. 3 Weeks, Day 21 Things have been alright.. my lips are chapped badly.. that kinda sucks.. and it seems as tho my acne is clearing a tad, but still no dramatic improvements. at least there are hardly any pimples coming up at all, which is somethign ive never seen before. yay!!!
  11. to change the title, edit your very first post Sucks to hear that your acne is being weird... hope the accutane stops being a dumbass! Wait till you start seeing dramatic improvements.. wont that be exciting. I'll keep checking your log to see how u r
  12. Thanks for the advice.. means alot to know people care out there... i see your on Day9, i'll check your log out every once in a while to see how ur doing Day 17 Chapped lips improving! decided to take action and have lip chap on 24/7, espcecialy when going to bed. they dont look so brutal, they feel better, and the peeling around the edges is next to none. Dry eyes? what dry eyes? really, they arent so dry anymore. i find the more i put artifical tears in... the better they feel...
  13. you'z are so much farther down the road then i.. i am on day 16. my lips are hell.
  14. Day 16 My lips are so chapped.. all around the edges theyre peeling and sore.. nothing seems to be working to get them back to normal. People have noticed that theyre redder and that it looks like im wearing lipstick Other than that I dont have too many side effects... dry eyes are subsiding.. im getting weird pains in my chest. my face looks good though! i thought i had my initial breakout but my face is looking better already. so maybe i skipped it, or its not here yet. feel free to po