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  1. it says it'll help on atrophic scars as well....those are like icepicked, chickenpox..or acne like scars.
  2. https://www.kelo-cote.com/about_scars sounds promising? i dont know guys...what do you guys think.... im gonna try and order this product.. the silicone is what interests me ....
  3. any good docs to reccommend for fraxel? anywhere near NYC or toronto..would be greatly appreciated THANKS! im gonna go do it, and post results...so u guys will have more confidence in it but first i need a good docs. i dont mind being the guinny pig
  4. ahh my skin is not clear at all..im just born with really really pale skin...so the scars llook very noticable in comparison but the answer to your question would be... neutrogena fragrance free face wash.. i use it since it wouldnt dry my face.. ahhhh i guess i will need to try out fraxel... i really really need to get rid of those scars or just improve it...im sure guys could survive on minimal scarring keep the advice going! thank you guys!
  5. oh..fraxel..i hope the results will be permanent ohh thanks, i was thinking of silicone mircrodroplet i guess that doesnt suit my case.. oh and guys, i heard that Vitamin E helps reduce scarring ...im on them right now try them out
  6. what kind of treatments are good for rollingscars zup? dude those aren't boxcars. boxcars have hard, ridgid edges. those are soft, shallow rolling scars. yeah, there's quite a few of them clustered together and they are pretty large in diameter, but that's what they are.
  7. thanks zonk. that helped ... if anyone could give me advice with regards to my scars, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee do so thanks..alot They look like boxcar scars to me. I think fraxel would help a lot.
  8. how was it krugstoneco and and mark? are your scars like mine?..i guess mines are more severe I did. Mark
  9. oh fraxel...i was planning on silicone microdroplet...hmmm in your opinion does it look severe? They look like boxcar scars to me. I think fraxel would help a lot.
  10. hi, i was just wondering if u guys could kindly tell me what scars these are... and what kind of treatments would best treat these kind of scars..i had them for like 5 - 6 yrs and its dreadful.. thanks for your attention
  11. hey guys, Would you guys happen to know where i could get silicone mircodroplet done in Toronto? I've researched several cosmetic surgeons, but they dont seem to have that option on their list. Hmmm or is this method only available in the US. ? Thank you for your attention guys!.....
  12. Just order it, find out, and see the results lol its only 20 bux...geez haha some people say it might damage the skin, but hey, arent our skin already in a bad state?...we gotta take some risk...or we're all just sitting here complaining and feeling bad about our skin just try it out and pray it'll work Infinity, call the 1-800 number..they will mail it to you even though u are in UK i ordered it all the way from hong kong..
  13. i just ordered the product all the way from hong kong, asia. im showing some support here. hope the product works. =)