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  1. I'm now beginning my second month of Accutane (out of 5). Things have been going well, as seen by my lack of posting. The dry skin, scalp, and chapped lips started a couple weeks ago. While it's not severe, it's definitely annoying and I can't stop picking at the dryness. I had heard that Accutane users acne gets worse before it gets better on this drug, but I've seemed to completely bypass the "worse" and going straight to "better". So many people have mentioned how much my acne has cleared up
  2. Hi all I'm 11 days into taking Accutane, and finally noticing the drying side effect. Bad dandruff, flaky face, clearly dry skin over my hands and body, and peeling lips. Haven't seen dry eyes or nose yet. I have this habit of picking at the flaking, and wondered if anyone else had/has this habit, and what I could do to stop it.
  3. I just took my first pill now. I'm excited, but also very nervous. I only see this mentioned once in all the literature that accompanies the drug, but I'm really nervous about nausea, above anything else. Hopefully things will go smoothly. A little about my history with acne, I guess: It developed with the onset of puberty at 16. No surprise, huh? It doesn't run in either side of my family, so it seems weird sometimes that I got it. Each year, it would get worse and worse, until I finally convi
  4. If you actually read what the OP wrote, you'd see that it clearly mentions he uses Dan's BP. What is it with people not reading what people write? The OP said in order to see any results he has to use 2 fingers full 2x/day. Why are you assuming what the OP spends their money on? What's with the antagonism?
  5. How well does your insurance cover Accutane? My insurance requires a $40 co-pay from me for each office visit, and $50 for each monthly bloodwork, plus $12 prescription co-pay once I meet the $100 deductible (which is SO easy to max out on month 1 alone). Cost-wise, it's pretty good... unless you figure in all the stuff I need to keep my body in shape from the drying out effect of Accutane. If your insurance covers Accutane well, then the only choice is to figure out if you want to deal with t
  6. To be honest, although the iPledge requirements ARE a pain in my ass, they´re not really my problem. I think it lays more with my dermatologist´s office, and the medical assistants who take care of the Accutane patients. I made several calls over the past week, with excuses and promises. I finally talked to an iPledge operator last night, and she was sooo much more helpful. On Monday, she said I should go back to the dermatologist´s office, because I´ll have to get a new pregnancy test and pre
  7. On Tuesday I went in to get my prescription. The doctor herself said they would put me into the system later that afternoon. They didn´t. The next day they still hadn´t entered my office visit into iPledge, so I called and they said ¨Oh we have to wait till Friday the 2nd, because it has to be a full 30 days since we initially registered you¨. It´s a medical assistant that directly deals with the iPledge system and stuff. I waited till today. My office visit still hasn´t been entered into
  8. Hi all I got my first Accutane prescription today. My derm said to watch fast-food/processed foods, which is OK since I haven't been eating as much of it in the past year or two. I'm going to dig out my college nutrition textbook for this. However, she said *No* alcohol. If anyone knows me, I am *NOT* a big drinker. In fact, I usually sip on the same drink for hours. But I go out to a pub for karaoke once a week, and usually have one or two drinks (I ask the bartender to go light on the liquor
  9. Yes I usually get my prescription, and then get the bloodwork done. You can't fill the prescription until the derm has your results and logs in to ipledge. So if there is a problem with your bloodwork you wouldnt be able to get the accutane. My derm has me doing bloodwork every TWO weeks. Has anyone else had to go this often? As long as they have one of the two sets of bloodworks when entering me into the system, shouldn't that be OK?
  10. So Ipledge won't let you fill the prescription until you answer the questions?? That doesn't make sense. I'm going to ask my dermatologist about this... they didn't say anything like this to me before.
  11. I get my first prescription of Accutane on the 27th. 30 days from then will be a weekend day. What have you guys done when that happens? Most of the pharmacies here seem to need to special order it, as they don't carry certain brands OR milligrams at any given time.
  12. I noticed your sig line... you still have to use BenzaClin and Retin-A after Accutane? I'm going on Accutane just so I don't have to use those anymore, lol. I used to use those two, plus Finacea. ^^;