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  1. thank you .yea maybe i better go to my dermatologist and ask for accutane.
  2. i think u better use astringent as toner since it help u to clean your skin for any dirts.even after you wash your faces,sometimes there is some soap that still adhere in your skin.so if you use toner,it's really clean your pores.
  3. it's said to heal cyst acne and better than accutane? so if someone already tried it,can u give me your opinion/ thank you
  4. hey moisturizer is to prevent your skin over dry and prevent oily skin for the next day. toner is to clean your pore and any dirt in your face so this two have different function,so of course u can't substitute moisturizer by toner. usually i use moisturizer after i wash my face,to prevent oily face.beside that i also use moisturizer,before i go to bed to prevent oily face in the next morning.if your face dry,your face skin tend to produce more oil. u better not use moisturizer if u alr
  5. it said that it can reduce the appearence of scar.and base on some review,this product is better than mederma. so has anyone tried this product? http://zenmed.com/skincare/scartreatment.html?aid=4054&pop=0
  6. is it ok if we only do tca peel in some part on our face? or is it must be over all the face so the complexon will be the same? is the color in area that we did peeling before is going to have different color?