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  1. I'm only on week two of the acne cure, and I consider myself free. I don't think there is a day in the last seven years I havn't had a breakout. The last five though, not a single one has developed. I can't wait to see my skin in five weeks.
  2. I did. The first two days I was on it, I noticed a million little pimples popping up everywhere. After a few days though, they all disappeared and I havn't had another one since. From what I understand from the book, acne come in many stages. So when all the little pimples that pop up were the ones that were already in stage one when you started the acne cure. The acne cure just spead up the proces from a couple weeks to a cpuple days. Don't worry. The pimples will disappear in a few
  3. I can't say it was the isolated BP itself, but yes, it has worked a lot better for me.
  4. You should go to the national dermotologist website. Or try www.acneheal.com Actually, dirt on your face has nothing to do with acne.
  5. Personally, Dans regimen didn't work on me. My acne mostly cleared up, but my face was so discolored and looked irratated. It didn't look natural and healthy. Maybe it is just me, but that much BP didn't do me any good. Despite what many people here say (mostly one's who don't really know the exact regimen for the Acne Cure), the acne cure and dans regimen are very different. That part about putting the BP in the fridge is a specification for the Acne Cure, not Dans Regimen. If you wan
  6. I'm so glad to hear that! Honestly, after you start beating a problem like Acne, all you want to do is help other people beat it, because you know how hard it is. I'm just starting my second week on this plan, but it is going fabulously. The easiest way to get the book is at amazon.com. Search "The Acne Cure" under books. You can find it used I think for $14 or $15. Honestly, I am so happy to hear of someone wanting the book. I don't mind telling people the regimen, so they can try it
  7. Go Back and read the other posts. If you want the word for word exerpt, go to the CBS link below. You'll have to do a little searching. I think it's in the thread call "CBS did a story on the Acne Cure" or something. I for one have already posted at least four times what your suppose to do. Go back to my post called WOW, the Acne Cure is a Miracle. About third post into the thread it tells you exactly what your suppose to do. Maybe if you told me what was unclear, I could help more.
  8. I'm VERY unfamiliar with what is available outside the US. The only thing I can think of is www.walmart.com? Otherwise, I use neutrogena products, but I don't know if it's available there or not.
  9. I went to see my Derm. this morning to have him look at my skin after I started the Acne Cure. He was amazed and supported it immensly. I asked him what else I could do to up the benefits. He told me that while diet doesn't cause acne, you can use it to help prevent it. He told me to drink plenty of water everyday. He also said to make sure and take my daily vitamins. He said the more balanced and healthy my body is, the more able it will be to fight the causes of acne. He also suggest
  10. I'm assuming you were in the beauty spa section? Try going to the pharmacy section and getting the reusable ice packs. You would keep these in the freezer instead of the fridge (like the gel packs). Or you can just make real ice packs. Take a ziplock baggy, fill it with ice. Here's basically all you need to know about the ice: You are suppose to be keeping your skin cold while the BP works. HOWEVER, if it is SO cold to the point it stings or hurts, you need to wrap it in a soft clothe.
  11. In a post you made just last night on another thread, you said that the Acne Cure was exactly the same as Dans Regimen. This tells me your not doing something right. Because really these two regimens are pretty different. What exactly are you doing.
  12. Sorry, I saw waterbee answered you. The scars will fade with time after your acne has gone away.
  13. I didn't itch at all!! If it is that irratating, I would stop and see a doctor. If you've never used GA or SA before, you could be allergic. Or you should cut back to smaller doses until you get use to it. I've only been on it a week, but no time at all did I feel like that. I know that a lot of other programs that worked for my friends, did horrible things to me. Maybe this is'nt the answer for you? All the other people I know that used the Acne Cure had glowing results and no irra
  14. Waterbeel!!! You know, you are the second or third other person on this board that has said that! I'm so happy for you! I just can't believe how great this program works! How did you find out about it?
  15. I'm sorry I missed Dans suggestion on the lotion. Maybe it would have helped his regimen work better for me. But it isn't exactly the same. Dan doesn't use chilled BP or ice. And he has you put BP on twice a day. The Acne Cure says once. And he never says anywhere that you should leave the SA or GA on for a couple minutes then rinse off.