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  1. Yeah, and since everyone here is probably all sad and shit, all the time, why force a child to go through your misery? I mean none of you seems capable of happiness.
  2. I don't know how any of you could ever have children. You've all got acne and depression! Those little children you bring into the world will be covered in disgusting, disfiguring acne, and have very bad depression to boot! Nobody wants a little gross depressed kid. I mean just from a selfish stand point it doesn't make sense.
  3. The fact of the matter is kids need clear skin to feel good about themselves. Here is a fact: a lot of terrible people had acne. Hitler did. Do you want to raise a little Hitler? Because you hate Jews.
  4. "It's herpes.. I'll give it to you if you tell me where you live."
  5. Keep isolating yourself because obviously it makes your face clear.
  6. I've had sex and although it wasn't as important as it's made out to be, I'm still better than all you virgins.
  7. I know that the single reason I have decided to never have children is acne. Those pimples would just be a shattering reminder of how painful life was for me for a few years. I'd have to force it to drink poison and then pretend it was a horrible accident. I just couldn't look into my sweet baby's little pock-marked face without feeling terrible guilt. Allowing a child to come into this world knowing full well that it might develop a disease like acne is horrible. You might as well inject your
  8. Nobody gives a shit that you're not going to be here for a few days. Most people here wouldn't even care if you never came back. I wouldn't care if something awful happened to you and your family. MISSING YOU SO BAD, BABY.
  9. Fine wine Hemp Chopin Gershwin Haydn (Before he sold out.. ) Smoking Good coffee Skiing Getting black eyes Being asked interesting questions Fargo Rock and Roll Dextromethorphan hydrobromide Sun Rain Clouds Big fields My dog
  10. smokin blunts nd shootin biches lol niffom
  11. Giving up is pretty hard to do, but letting the world beat you down is easy.