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  1. That only reflects the total number of posts currently stored on the board. So many have been deleted, the actual millionth posting to the site was made a while ago. And it was deleted (or maybe invisibled). Woo.
  2. The actual millionth post was deleted. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...ost&pid=1000000
  3. Up to a point this place is useful for people in a state like yours but eventually it will become counter-productive. You will probably find that you spend less time thinking about your skin if you come here less often.
  4. Spending too much time here will make you feel like shit. That goes without saying. And Posh is a prime example as someone who is already extremely self-conscious about his skin becoming even more neurotic as he absorbs a daily dose of negativity from this place. It's really counter-productive and damaging. Just try to find something else to do.
  5. Marvin is a prime example of why a device allowing internet users to see the expression on other internet users' faces would be so useful. Is he kidding? Is he trying to get a rise out of people? Or is he borderline retarded? We simply do not know.
  6. Care to explain what that 'lifestyle' is for us? No, because that's another topic and I don't feel like discussing it One thing's for sure - the "lifestyle" of having homosexual tendencies is certainly superior to the "lifestyle" of being a moron, which I believe is the one you follow based on your posts here.
  7. Hmm, what a stupid cow. She could be doing it for several reasons, but simplified it's likely to be a case of either: a) She feels superior to you and by putting you down it makes her feel good; b) She has her own insecurities and takes the pain these cause her out on you. I would offer some advice but really I don't know what to do when it's a girl taking the piss out of a guy, moreover a sister taking the piss out of a brother. Just leave it for now and ignore what she says. Her opinion should
  8. Is she younger or older than you? I saw you were 13 on another thread.
  9. She'll probably grow out of doing that sooner or later.
  10. Oh, I assumed she had slept with your best mate or something.
  11. Most of the time it's attention-seeking. But, better safe than sorry.
  12. Nose bleeds on accutane are quite normal. Whether or not you have had one before is probably unimportant
  13. I guess he accidentally overwrote the emoticons directory when he upgraded the board recently.
  14. Will probably go away soon on its own. Not a lot you can do to help it.
  15. That made very little sense to me. Canada is going to start a war? Is that what you're saying?