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  1. u shud try dermabraian frm doctors office...it really helped me with small bumps...
  2. u cud probably try poking it with a sharp needle....i poked mine 2 days bak...& its flat now.. but it was not near the eye...it was on my chin...wat i did was, i dipped the needle in purell gel(it kills bacteris 99.9%)and poked the cyst in the centre..and some blood and white fluid came out...not much though...but the cyst was almost flat the next day....and usually for me...the longer the cyst stays on my face, the darker the mark....but dis one has a lighter mark...u cud give dis a try,,,,
  3. HEY SMASHING, i think my idea of TTO is working....BUT I READ UR POST WHERE U MENTIONED THAT IT BURNT UR SKIN....then wat did u do???? TTO works gud for me...i think better than BP....
  4. Did you try adding in lavender, yet? I would like to know your result, and where did you buy it? I don't want to stink up the bathroom everytime I use ACV :wall: :wall: . I have yet to by Lavendar but Ik now you cna def. buy it at Bath and Body Works which would probobly be at your local mall, or GNC. Which is better BP or Tea Tree Oil? I wanted to buy some at GNC but I wasn't sure if it is worth it. Do you think it is more effective then BP? How so? Does it improve your skin any othe
  5. "this" means ACV? not the tea tree oil? Congratulations. I used 1:1 ACV:water first, let it dried. Then, applied 100% TTO and let it dried before goinf to bed. My face always look great the next morning after I applied TTO yesterday night. Is BP shrinking the acnes and leaving redmarks afterward? TTO always shrinks my newly formed acnes and, for me, the redmarks left will fade in less than a month (not completely still). HEY JC83, do u use TTO 100% directly on ur face co
  6. my acne comes and then completely goes..and then again comes and then goes away leaving behind those red marks...and when i dont have active acne i hardly use anything on my face except washing it twice a day with soap and water....and for red marks i use sandalwood face pack once in a while(thats natural product)....but after my red marks have faded to quite an extent and i have almost forgotten abt acne and stopped coming to this forum, this fuckin acne again comes back with a whole bounty and
  7. hey , i used diluted tea tree oil(TTO) in water all over my face at night and let it dry....and then i applied the ACV toner all over my face....my face looked great in the morning....i think its a gud combination....i'll make a sample like smashing said and use it for another 2 days and then will post the results....and if everything is gud then i plan on adding a few drops of TTO in my ACV toner...
  8. hey smashimg, do u think adding a few drops of tea tree oil in the ACV toner is a good idea to keep off from breaking out??? i have been using ACV toner for 3 weeks now....what do u think???
  9. why smashingpumpkins...what happened??? is my skin disappointing...i mean red marks...do they show any improvement according to you???
  10. this is todays picture....after another week...and this is how my chin exactly looks...
  11. hey thanks...but its out of stock i'm sorry to know that it broke u out....but i dont think u r talking about clearsil ultra rapid action treatment cream----the 1 which contains hydrogen peroxide and not bp....would be glad to get ur reply......
  12. hi sp i've added before and after pics after 15 days gap...i have about 40% improvement..
  13. thanks for the reply,,,but i've already checked it in all these stores....i think its not available in US....coz even the sites where i can see the tube show the cost in pounds and not dollars.... but i cudnt find this tube on the site........ I too cannot use BP even thought it worked very well for em and clared em within days. The reaon i can't use it is because I ahve a dark complexion which the BP could lighten. If you're looking for thing to try i've made several chan
  14. hi smashing pumpkins i'm not able to post my pix using photobucket.com......can u pls tell me the steps as i really want tp paste the pics...i've already uploaded before and after pix...but i dont know how to go about it....tnanx