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  1. Hello, has anyone had Fraxel procedures in Toronto? I know a few places offer Fraxel (Dr.Weksberg), but I just wanted to know if they are using the Fraxel SR. Also how much does Fraxel cost in Canada? Thanks
  2. Hi, I'm deciding to undergo some TCA cross sessions with Dr.Howard Bargman in Toronto Canada. The main reason why I decided to go to Dr.Bargman is because of his convenient location (Only 15 minutes from my home), but I'm not sure if the procedure will be that effective. He charges $200-300 CDN/per session, and he recommended four. Is it worth it?
  3. Well I can say I've tried alot of different products to clear my acne, and B5 has been the most successful treatment. Here's some advice that makes the B5 treatment more effective. 1)Spread out your B5 intake. I take 5g in the morning, and 5g before I go to sleep 2)Don't stop taking B5 or change your routine for atleast 2 months. This will disrupt your progress 3)Buy 500mg capsules (I use the GNC Brand). DO NOT USE TIME RELEASE CAPSULES! Things to remember: - you will have initial breakouts. I
  4. which brand of B5 are u taking and how much a day? Thanks for the reply Brad. AstheRushcomes, I'm taking 10g a day. It's been working real well (pimple wise), however my face still gets mad oily!
  5. hey, I just had a quick question: I'm on my foruth week of B5 and my skin is clearing up real nice. However, my face still gets oily, especially when I wake up in the morning. Could it be the weather? It's like 3O Degrees celcius here.(Toronto, Canada)
  6. I think this would occur only if you stop using B5 abruptly. It seems odd that your skin dried out so fast, because B5, like any other vitamin, takes some time to asorb into your system. I doubt that B5 dried out your face in 2 days!
  7. yea, its great to drink water, but like someone else mentioned that too much water is bad for sodium levels. Low sodium levels lead to seizures....
  8. I'm only taking 5g/day and I had my first breakout since I started B5. My skin is still getting pretty oily but it takes longer to reach that stage. SHould I up my dosage?
  9. You do know that almost everything these days contributes to cancer. for example: Aspartame: found in many items including diet coke garden hose nozzles: the recycled plastic is chemical treated and thats why its not a good idea to drink from a hose! I can go on... but you get the point!
  10. Is it really necessary to take a megadose (20g) of b5 everyday? I have been using 5g for about a week and my skin seems much drier and my pimples are drying out. Are you taking a multivitamin too?
  11. There have been rumors that TCA cross only shows temporary results. Is there any truth to that?
  12. thanks for the replies guys! I think I will look into vitamin B5, because I really don't have any active acne so I don't think I should go on accutane
  13. Hi I just wanted to know if there were any procedures out there for effectively lowering oil production. My scars seem much more noticeable when my skin because really oily. Is there any procedure out there? thanks!
  14. hey does fraxel lessen oil production?
  15. this is very true, but it really isn't something to be happy about. Think it over. If stars who have multi-million payrolls can't correct acne scars, what chances do we have?
  16. Sexism can be defined as attitudes, conditions, or behaviors that promote stereotyping of social roles based on gender. Therefore, majority of males believe that every women should have a perfect complexion (a popular stereotype). So, if a male doesn't find a female attractive because of her acne scars, this is sexist attitude (not to mention shallow).
  17. Hey, Just wanted to know which treatment seems to work better. TCA cross and fraxel seem to be the top procedures at the moment, but they are pretty different. TCA cross procedures are pretty cheap, but they can be dangerous if done wrong. Fraxel is expensive with minimal results. What's your opinion?
  18. you said that you didn't see any improvements? how many sessions did you have?
  19. thanks for the reply! May I ask how much he charges?
  20. hey, just wanted to know if there were any professionals practicing TCA cross in Toronto? Has anyone in Toronto tried TCA cross yet? Thanks
  21. I started the lemon vinegar method and I was quite surprised by how my skin reacted. My scars seem less noticeable and the redness is almost gone (even on scars that have been red for months!). However, I would not contribute all the success to the lemon vinegar method. I've stopped using proactive and switched to a cetaphil regime. Proactive left my skin so dry and flaky, but Cetaphil has reversed that now.
  22. Thank you for your reply. Personally, I believe your post seemed the most sincere and honest. Quick question though.... how many crosses do you think are neccesary for good results? thanks
  23. It's KARMA. My brother used to make fun of my acne 24/7. Now that I don't have acne, his face is full blown with the stuff. Too bad I'm such a nice person. I don't judge ppl by the way they look.
  24. Hey guys, I'm having a real bad case of dry skin lately, and its irritating my skin leaving it red. My face is really oily, but after I take a shower its so dry and flaky. Is there something with how I clean my face?: Morning: Nivea for men face sensitive skin face wash Nivea for men face lotion Evening: Proactive system I think it might be the BP in proactive, but at night I get really bad redness and during the day I get oily and flaky skin. What should I do? thanks
  25. Why does the Australian government pay for cosmetic procedures? I think I might go down under!