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  1. There's quite a few threads on this forum containing peoples experiences with Dr. Chu read through this one... http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Seeing-th...ed-t135445.html
  2. Thanks for the info Pff. :) I've read some good things about Saline injections although I've not entirely sure how it works. It seems quite cheap too? :)
  3. I've read some good things about saline injections for acne scarring and I was wondering if anyone who is receiving treatment with Dr. Chu can confirm if he offers saline injections or not? If so, does he offer it in conjunction with subcision? If he does offer saline injection, does anyone know the price?
  4. I'm presuming that Isolagen is not being offered as a treatment anymore in the UK. This leaves me to wonder what treatment Dr Chu would offer along with subcision to maximise the results? From what I've read (And I have been doing a lot of reading) Subcision combined with dermal fillers can give excellent results for certain types of scarring. Now that Isolagen has ceased in the UK, what would Dr. Chu offer along with subcision? I know that he doesn't offer dermal fillers in his range of treatme
  5. I read earlier that Isolagen has stopped in the UK as they were operating at a loss or something like that. I was just wondering, does that mean Dr. Chu doesn't offer it any more? If not it would be disappointing as he seems to be a supporter of Isolagen when it comes to acne scars. If anyone can shed some light that would be nice.
  6. Thanks for that rupert. Do you know if he still offers isolagen? Does he speak highly of isolagen when it comes to treating acne scarring? Thanks.
  7. Has anyone ever had laser resurfacing performed by Dr Chu? I've read a lot about other procedures that people on here have received from him but I don't think I've seen anyone mention laser resurfacing. I'm quite sure he performs it too. Or maybe I'm wrong? Anyone got any info? Thanks
  8. hi antoooony. Can't say I've heard of "silicon micro droplet injections". Dr. Chu is the best dermatologist to see it seems. Plus his prices are cheap.
  9. Thanks for that Snowman, greatly appreciated.
  10. Hi, I've tried looking this up on the search facility but couldn't find an answer. Basically, I went to see my GP about 5 weeks ago and asked him to refer me to Dr. Chu and after asking me a few questions he said he'd do it for me. I would just like to know how long it takes to receive a letter from his secretary with the details of your appointment after the initial appointment with your own GP? (I don't mean how long it takes to see Dr. Chu as I know it's around 3 months or so.) Does it tak
  11. Hi Pff.. Did you receive treatment with Dr Chu? If so, what did you have and were you happy with results?
  12. Do you mean that Dr Chu did it or you did it yourself?
  13. Dr Chu seems much cheaper than other dermatologists? I remember having an appointment with a dermatologist in Belfast and he wanted over £300 for a subcision. I thought a lot of English users in here are seeing Dr. Chu on the NHS?
  14. Hi missbusybee. Did you see Dr Chu privately or through the NHS? I'm going to see my doc sometime this week and everything will start from there. Any idea how long it roughly takes to get an appointment (receive a letter from Dr Chu's secretary) from the day you request a letter of referral from the doc?