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  1. Week Three: Well, I'm still not seeing additional improvements yet (it's only three weeks though, I wasn't really expecting to , just hoping.) I've only had a couple of pustules that went away really fast, but I'm still having a lot of bumps surfacing. My skin feels soft, but I just have a lot of tiny bumps. The flakeyness has pretty much gone away, although my skin looks red after I wash it. I've wanted to completly quit a couple of times, because of the redness and sensitivity, but I have
  2. Into Week Two... Okay, this is working really well. I am clear of pustules, and just have some small bumps and blackheads. I'm having stuff come to the surface daily ( I mean blackheads and bumps where there weren't any before) but they're clearing really fast. The flakeyness is vastly subsided, and my skin feels smooth. I'm so excited.
  3. My skin is looking much better today. A lot less flakes, almost none! And my skin feels smooth. I have about 7 pimples total on my cheeks that are healing (was that the initial breakout? it's a lot more than I usually have at one time). I'm still applying the stievamycin very thinly. Happy so far.
  4. Okay, so when I woke up this morning my skin was really flakey, so I decided to try some gentle exfoliation in the shower. I had some left over St. Ives Ultra Gentle Apricot scrub for sensitive skin, and I used that. It got rid of some of the obvious flakes, and made my skin feel a little softer. Didn't make my skin irritated at all... Oh, and I switched my daytime moisturizer to Aveeno ultra-calming SPF 15. It's a little thicker, and that seems to be helping.
  5. The lady at the cosmetics counter gave me a sample of this, it's a gel that you wipe or rinse off. Seems similar to Spectro Jel to me, but much more expensive. I would ask for a sample before you buy it.
  6. Didn't do much for me either, I stopped using it after about 2 months. Pretty Expensive for a mild cleanser!
  7. Some of the reviews on this board said it's supposed to help with red marks, since its a retinoid it probably should. I'm on Day 4 of using this stuff (the mild) and my skin is getting quite flakey. Not too much redness though, unless I touch my face. Hope this works!
  8. Day 5 Okay, so the reness is okay, but my face really has a lot of flakes. Hmm, I'm debating on whether or not I should add in some gentle exfoliation once in a while. I'm scared though... My skin doesn't really feel Dry, not tight at all, just flakey and kind of raw. Ugh! It's so hard for me to keep going, cuz the flakeyness looks worse than my mild acne did... but I want to get rid of this acne once and for all, so I'm going to suck it up.
  9. hmm, it doesn't really feel like that for me. How much are you using? I've only been using about a pea sized amount on my entire face. I find my skin is sensitive the next morning, and I have to be really carefull to be very gentle when cleansing.
  10. Hi, I just had Stievamycin prescribed to me last Friday, I've used it three times so far. The first couple times I used it, when I woke up in the morning I had wispy strands of skin coming off, and my face was really sore and red after I washed it. I think I was inadvertantly scrubbing too hard trying to get the flakes off. Anyway, I've found that I have to be very gentle with cleansing in the morning, just lightly rubbing my skin with my fingers with the spectro jel, no pressure at all, and
  11. Well, I put on the third application of Stievamycin last night. When I got up this morning my face was slightly flakey, but not red. I've discoverd that my face was getting irritated during the washing process the next morning, (i guess I was scrubbing too hard). I was very gentle this morning, and I haven't noticed any more irritation during the day. Still no new pimples...
  12. Thanks for the encouraging words, and feedback . So far so good. My skin doesn't feel dry per se, but kind of red and irritated, and a little flakey. I had some raised sore bumps (a rash? from the sun?) on my Right cheek, so I took a break from the Stievamycin last night. It's looking a lot better this morning, so I'm going to continue on tonight.
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  14. First, a bit of history. I'm a 23 year old female, and I've had mild to moderate acne since I was 13. I have blackheads all over my nose, and some on my chin. I have whiteheads on my forhead, cheeks, and chin, and I usually have about 2 three red pimples at a time. I've used pretty much anything you can find over the counter. BP makes my skin so dry, with raised red dry patches. SA gives my skin tiny bumps all over that go away within about two days of stopping the product. I figured out