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  1. LoL lucky u guess il b doin fuck all for xams as we dun celebrate it that much.. new year > well PaRtY TiMe huh!!!! gonna hea dinto glasgow town 4 it i think Weeeeeeeeeeee
  2. yep! then i really do turn pink..in embaressment lol hehe!! lawlz, im sure dat is not true mishy moshy u seem to b an attractive/cute gurl
  3. hehe, take it they laff it off bad lol wen in reality u have nuffin wrong wit ur face hehe
  4. hey guyz i was jus wondering if u guyz have a good n bad mirror? i got a good mirror in my parents room which i use all the time for applying mosturizer , in the morning etc, the lighting is not that bright and my skin always looks flawless on it. theresa mirror in the bathroom but daylight shines on it which makes my skin look pretty bad lol so i neva use it wot bout u guyz?
  5. onetomany :D

    2002, Age 18

    hey janeiro, 1 word "stunning" also regarding weed ive been smoking it for near 4 years now, and i experimented for 2 months without it and i didnt even notice a teenyweeny bit of improvement, so i went bak on it lol i agree wit u, the weed de stresses me oso and "chills" me out, so it distracts me from thinking about how my face looks..
  6. i took shrooms a few months ago and cudnt ge tto sleep all night!!! becasue of this i brokeout a bit !! depriving ur sleep = acne!
  7. dude the sun is shining in scotland i think the best way is to try not think bout ur face and try keep busy.... try foning friends or mabye sum sports u may like? take it easy dude, il b reading on...
  8. totally agree wit u there, try not to let ur skin bother u wen u socialise cause even the slightest movement of eye contact of the person u r tlakin to will freak u out. try not to think bout it and try enjoy life m8, lifes to short for acne!! i know u probably hate being in public and shit but socialising and being happy will overcome ur depression of acne!! take care dude!!!
  9. man, i went to the docs yesterday and asked for a prescription of neosporin cream, and wtf they said they only got it in eye drop form!! wtf shitty scotland doesnt even have dis on prescription, so guess i got to waste near £20 on shipping it over here :S neone tried to get a prescription and failed?
  10. hey dude, i can definitely relate to wot ur saying man. i started my first year at uni like 4 years ago wen i was 18 and basically my acne controlled my social life, it really sucked. i was outbreaking like hell at one point, and becasue of this i didnt wanna b seen by neone, not even my parents, and wen ever my m8s asked me if i wanted to go out and party i wud alwasy make up some lame excuse and dodge it at all costs. i basically sat in my room and was online 24/7 for like 4 months jus surf
  11. flax taste like shite lol i jus take a tbl sppon 2 times a day...
  12. hi guyz i was jus wondering wot u guyz wud reccommend for indivdual spot treatments? i only have avtive acne on my chin, and it gets really annoying cause i seem to pop with a spot there at least one everyday im currently usuing tee tree ointment and apparently this cud b bad as it can clogg up the pores, as i read i a past post and can cause further breakouts. i heard bp wud b gud but i also heard it can leave u very dry and red so am quite reluctant 2 use it because of this. thx 4 ur r
  13. hey missy glad ur seeing sum results using the regime and im sure ur skin will b perfectly clear soon too get rid of the flakiness u should probably try exfoliating one or two times a week, as this will get rid of the dead skin cells (flakiness).. hope this helps
  14. i find using those blotting sheets, they only last like 1 hour max before the oil starts coming bak even more!! i dun worry bout my oily skin nemore cause frankly i dun really give a fuck, and i think because im chinese we rare more prone to oily skin :S
  15. wen i was 19, i didnt pass enough classes and got really depressed cause my acne was really bad. i took the year out doing near to nothing for 4 months jus sitting in my house watching tv, avoidng all my friends, usuing every excuse in the book lol. my parents thought i was being stupid and immature for worrying about such a small thing. well 3 years on i look back and say to myself y da fuck did i go through that stage, theres more to life than acne and at the end of the day, theres more to so
  16. ive used this stuff on and off for 1 year now, my derm prescribed this shit to me. is it jus me or is this stuff completely shite? wenever i use it the next day the part where ive applied it gets really dry!!!! and also i do not see my marks disappearing!
  17. hey geo i am also new to the boards and i think i have the same kinda problem as u. i too have oily skin and got blackheads around the nose too, and also get major bumps on my chin mainly the day after ive eaten lots of dairy products or wen ive had lots of fried food. i try and balance my diet but now its gotten to the point wher eim gonna never ever again eat greasy foods or dairy products again ever... ive tried the oxy stuff but it seems to dry my skin too much and cause whiteness patche