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    Generally I am nuts about life. I love animals. I love music. I love sunshine and I love rain. People think I'm weird because I just love everything and everyone around me. I love board-games but no one ever wants to play against me cause i usually win ( especially chess!! ) I live in South Africa where we speak a language called Afrikaans, which is a derivitive of Dutch. And I love writing poems and singing. I am just always singing. And I love black cars.

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  1. Hi! Well candida can attack different parts of the body...such as the throat, intestines or genitals. To be honest with you ( this is a lil bit embarrassing ) I developed a candida infection on my genitals. So I just bought Canesten cream which I have to smear on my privates I actually have a very mild infection, which is why I never really noticed it But since it remained untreated for so long it gave me more and more health problems. Once candida invades your bloodstream or intestines it bec
  2. Until recently I had red facial skin, acne and dry flakey skin + chapped lips. Ok so I bet you think I looked like an ogre! Not true because I used a lot of moisturizer, makeup and lip balm to appear at least vaguely decent. I discovered that I had yeast infection and that this has been causing not only my bad skin but also my general fatigue, moodiness, skin and body sensitivity and other problems ( even slightly stiff limbs and abnormally cold hands ). Until recently I didn't even know wha
  3. Hi I used to have extremely oily skin, which caused much acne on my face. I took accutane a few years ago and now i seem to have very dry skin...too dry. What can I do about it now? must i just drink more water, or just keep on using a lot of moisturizer?
  4. Electrolizer

    green tea really makes the skin smoother, takes away redness and pimples. after using a whole lot of products and medications, i really believe green tea is the best. it tastes bad. try fruit-flavored or decaf green tea because it tastes much better. at first you will get more pimples for a while, as the dirt is quickly brought out of the skin by the detoxing green tea. after that your skin will be smooth. its important for the dirt to come out first. green tea really helps to take a
  5. Thanks everyone! Yes Eddie, proactiv is not for everyone...it burnt my skin a little...i needed something more gentle for my sensitive skin...maybe u also need something milder. Anyway ive now decided to become a vegetarian again...i noticed my skin breaks out when i eat a lot of fatty products like meat, and im drinking more water. By eating more veggies and fruit and less meat, im also losing a bit more weight...which will help. I had the most delicious vege-burger last night...and some juices
  6. No, Acne_Battle. I wish! I dont have body dismorphia or anything...i know the skin looks good in the photo but the camera flash was really very whitening. I cant photoshop that well, and i doubt anyone else can thanks 4 all the comments so far. im just real depro today. Ive eaten chocolates, cream cheese, juices and ten cups of coffee today...so i feel my skin and weight is suffering. i just have to make a change i know...i could even get diabetes from this all...
  7. Ok im a bit depressed. my skin is bad again, not way bad but reddish and with small pimples...etc. Im the one in the pic down here...the skin looks good cuz of severe camera flash. anyway, in real life im 2 kg overweight and my skin sucks, so im trying to lose weight and better my skin at the same time. What foods will be great for my skin? And does milk help to cause acne? And...who here has followed a great diet and truly got great skin afterwards? I eat cuz i feel bad and then i look worse...
  8. ha ha, trust me...there's always something left to lose. I'd say people should stay away from accutane...unless they have comfortable lives already. If you are already stressed and also then take the tane, then you greatly increase chances of depression. Try to focus on your work or pets, etc. People may be grossed out by acne, but I found that one can still charm people effectively, or gather sympathy from them. If people are mean about it, then you are hanging with the wrong crowd. Also, one
  9. here are my gems of advice hey there. I'd say you have to cheer up fast : ) I lost the man of my dreams cuz i thought he wouldn't want to date an acne ogre like me. But he didn't really care. Never listen to people who say you are not good enough It's a lot tougher to be really pretty...people get bitchy and jealous. Don't talk about your acne and others won't either. If you make it a big topic so will others around you. This advice is for everyone. I've been there, big time. I had
  10. hi there! Depression makes you severely tired and incapable of thinking straight, and I'm going through the same thing these days. I had the grossest acne you could ever imagine...thought tane would save my life. It probably did, I think my depression is circumstancial but I have heard speculation that tane can increase the pressure in your brain...which means there is pressure on the centre of your brain that causes depression. My advice is to just watch yourself carefully and to keep strong an
  11. Do women who can't have children also get acne? What i am trying to ask is wether or not their hormone levels are different, and if this can have an effect on acne? I have this evil sick plan... to sterilise myself to get rid of acne. Can this happen? I know it sounds crazy but i am desperate. I will rather never have children than have acne. I tried to research the matter on Google but I did not really find anything there.
  12. yes your skin gets very prone to sunburn from accutane!! be careful. avoid the sun for now or put on loads of sun block. your skin might also get a red colour for a while but not from the sun, this redness will go away after you used the tane
  13. dude your body will wake you up if you start to bleed so much. The moisture will irritate your face/neck/whatever. i mean come on, nobody can sleep THAT SOUNDLY. actually i wouldn't mind dying in my sleep. that is like the best way to die
  14. has accutane affected your vision ( eye sight ) in any way? I've been taking the stuff but I think it is affecting my vision. maybe it is just a coincidance? I can't see things clearly that are far away from me. But I don't get other side effects, lips and skin just sorta dry.