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  1. can someone plz tell me how many millileters is in the neutrogena bp bottle. thanks
  2. yes yes yes!!! this was the bp i was talking about earlier on. Ive been using it instead of the neutrogena and its working great!!
  3. i was taking these two drugs at the same time as well and my biology teacher brought up that mino WILL decrease the effectiveness of birth control pills. that freaked me out but if your not having sex then it would be perfectly fine to take these drugs together
  4. this was the most horrible drug ive ever been on, seriously i had mild acne but when i started taking this i got HUGE cysts everywhere and i never saw improvement. i dont know why it didnt work for me but i just quit taking it.
  5. i was wondering if it is a good idea to use this method if you still have acne on your face? also is it okay to use the full amount of bp with this method or would it be to irritating for the skin?
  6. oxy makes a bp lotion that is 5% and they also make one that is 2.5%. The 2.5% one says its for sensitive skin and it comes in like a blue and white box. how many ml is the neutrogena on the spot?
  7. if there is no such thing than why am i using it? im pretty sure im not holding a bottle of "no such thing" in my hand. I live in canada so maybe the rest of you dont get it in your stores
  8. i used the panoxyl for awhile and i really didnt like it. it turned my complexion bright red so switched to oxy 5. works much better.
  9. hey all i found a better bp. its made by oxy and is still the recommended 2.5%, also it is a lot cheaper and bigger bottle than the neutrogena bp. an all-around good bargain.
  10. I bought a certain kind of bp gel and on the pamphlet inside it said that skin can get used to bp and stop working. are they lying or what?
  11. i was on this hit about a month ago and it made me break out so badly right before my graduation!!! i was so pissed off because i had only mild acne and when i started taking antibiotics i started getting huge cysts. I defianatly dont recommend this med!!
  12. okay practically overnight this huge lump formed on my chin. I know its going to be a huge cyst if i cant prevent it from coming up to the surface. so how can i treat this huge lump and make it get smaller before it rises to the surface of my skin. *&^% i hate cysts. worst kind of acne ever!!
  13. what i was wondering is: who on this board is free of acne and how many of you still have acne?
  14. all i can really say is that i know how you feel. I used to have cystic acne and it really flared up badly right before my high school graduation. It was so horrible so i came looking on the internet to try and find some information on treating acne and i found dans regimen. if you havent tried it already then defianatly do. it has been working so good for me that i havent had a cyst yet and i am almost totally clear. thats all i can recommend is to do dans regimen and follow it exactly as it s