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  1. i think i have more because of the blotting sheets.. doesnt that clog up your pores??
  2. youll always have redness when you use bp on a large area of your face... my face became "normal" after i stopped using bp
  3. try johnson and johnson purpose face wash....
  4. not red marks... im talking about red face... like blushing..
  5. Purpose makes a moisturizer that includes sunscreen and it reduces redness... ive used it a few times and it definitely reduces redness but the problem is it makes my face extra oily.. sucks huh!?!?! those who do not have oily skin should definitely try it.....
  6. it works a little bit.. but BP irritates the skin.. it wont completely clear your face..
  7. i have the same problem.... you just have to give it time... it will start to lighten with time...
  8. i hope it doesnt cause hairloss.. lol.. im taking a lot..
  9. try PALMERS skin evening tone.. i think thats what its called...