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  1. Hi everyone, I haven't posted in a year or had another Fraxel since. I did visit my Doctor last week since I had 2 left in my package. I'll end up finishing the packages when she gets the new fraxel tip. Just wanted to say - I AM STILL HAPPY AND SAW RESULTS with 3. I am looking forward to the next few treatments. My skin is much healthier, the tone evened out and several shallow scars disappeared and larger scars became more shallow. http://www.picturetrail.com/annniefrommiamii
  2. ooops - sorry - I fixed the link here it is :blush: My Fraxel Photos
  3. Very nice Shyone - THANK YOU!! My Fraxel Photos
  4. I missed the whole new machine conversation. I apologize but can someone quickly sum it up for me? I remember reading about a new undereye TIP that my Doctor does have. But what are the benefits from this new machine? For the record, I think anything over $1000 per treatment and a high priced consultation fee is outrageous. I think mine was $50 or $75 AND IT WAS SUBTRACTED FROM THE TOTAL COST. The total cost for me in South Florida - BACK IN NOVEMBER - was 5 treatments at $4900. Which I think i
  5. Thanks for the compliment Pff and tenntenn. My skin has turned around. While far from being perfect, it no longer feels or looks like rough sandpaper. It was really bad for years. Now it gets dewy in the morning, in a good way. In my experience I have done each Fraxel on a Friday and returned to work on a Tuesday or Wednesday. So requesting a Friday and Monday off for my fake long weekend vacation isn't that big of a deal. I usually take an extra day off ONLY because I'm an extreme sweller
  6. Hi everyone, I'm so happy with my Fraxel results so far. I really think it's important to be realistic about your expectations and realize we all heal differently. If you expect your scars to be completely gone, you may never find complete happiness and perfection with any one procedure. If a magical procedure existed we would all be doing it. With Fraxel, I have found the best results for my skin. Other procedures have worked in moderation, but Fraxel has given be results in every category it
  7. Hello all - checking in here. I'm Pre-Fraxel #4 next week and have breaking news. OK I'm not sure how to word this. I mentioned after my last fraxel in May(#3) that I COULD SWEAR - my upper lip looked fuller and plumper. I know I said Angelina Jolie didn't have nuttin on me. I'd look up the post to prove it but I'm eternally lazy - take me word on it. So anyway, I was reserved about this volume change I noticed in my upper lip - until I received a confirmation email from Fraxel/Reliant today
  8. hmmm, I think it would show up sooner rather than later. Just stay the heck out of the sun girl. I mean walking to work from your car sun and driving home in your car sun and sun in general. I do my absolute best to not get any sun on my face at all. So far so good. No brown spots and no white spots. and sometimes I look down and use my hair to curtain my face when its really sunny.. I live in South Florida so I usually walk around outside looking like Cousin It from the Addams Family. :D
  9. Is that what happened to the photo album link I had in my signature? Just to share with you, my link was for a very detailed and sharing Fraxel photo album & blog. Dozens of members in that famous Fraxel thread in the Scar treatment forum have thanked me over and over again for as it helps them decide yay or nay. And I think that's important stuff when it comes to medical treatments. You can see the posts for yourself. Can't my link be pre-approved or something? People and lurkers in that
  10. LaserSkinSolutions.com His before and after photos are located under 'Procedures' and then click the word 'Open' under the photo. He's on the right side. :wavey:
  11. I'm still happy. I've had good results with Fraxel. I plan to continue with them - indefinitely if I'm given a good price. I just scheduled my 4th Fraxel for 8-29-06. Thanks to Blaster, and anyone else I'm forgetting, this time I will request Level 25 and up. I think you're right about the Levels needing to be higher for the Acne Scar crowd. Although I have a high tolerance for pain I'M NOT A MASOCHIST!!. Hee hee. In addition to the one percocet and the numbing gel I need more for that lev
  12. I have 2 treatments left and am going all out. My Doctor let me know numbing shots were available if I needed them. I think I will do that in exchange for settings over 25... Most of us started off conservatively, as we should, but I think its time to go all out. Well thats what I'm going to do as long as I don't feel anything I don't care. :D If by bulk heating you mean "Is your face on fire afterwards?" then for me the answer is YES. Right after we're done, I'm loaded up with ICE COLD C
  13. Well this thread was an EYE POPPER.. Holy BeeJebus - that's crazy. However, I'm totally willing to do crazy. Now that it has been over a month since some of you had those over 25 treatments - please share what you see as results.
  14. heh heh, as long as they relax their skilled little hands on that pretty boat and keep giving me these good results, it's ALL ABOARD for me!!! ;) No word yet from the Spa/Doctor. I'll give them until next week. Thanks for the thanks Lexus. The last one I did was in May and I have two more to go. I will most likely do #4 in August. After reading this thread I'm going to ask about the benefits of going higher for my skin. What I gather is Higher levels work best for acne scars and lower
  15. Either I am a multi-tasker or the extra large McDonalds coffee just kicked in at 11PM and I sent the Spa from the interview an email asking them to clarify that 6 year comment. I don't think it's right, that ONE reporter or Spa or Doctor should make a careless comment like that without backing it up. fraxel just got approved by the FDA a few years ago, so why ring fire alarms when there is no fire?