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  1. it's the olay face cream. i'm almost sure of it. same thing happened to me, they've been changing formulas lately too, because it used to work great for me. now i use cetaphil
  2. Wow, I think I've had a trouble spot right about my lip line for years. It's like a plug that never goes away. Lately it has been inflamed a lot more than usual. It's been driving my absolutely crazy. I can always feel it tickling my lip like some kind of evil quiver -- almost makes my eyes water sometimes. I've eliminated chapstick/balms completely. This has seemed to help. Also steaming with hot showers. So today after a hot shower, I noticed the bump had a whitish head -- tiny head
  3. Is Vit. E good for a topical on a mark/depression that is 1-2 months old?
  4. Congrats on your improvement.But u r right about the depressions coming back on right cheek.But there's still significant improvement.As for fillers,whynot consider silicone microdroplets which are permanent.Some people on here have reported very high corrections up to 90%.Read this http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=112707. Perhaps u could ask ur Doc and see what her feedback is. Correct me if I'm wrong here, but isn't the idea to let the skin go through its healing pr
  5. I don't think there is anything you can do now. Let it frost over and start the healing process. You should be okay.
  6. Definately clear up the active acne, then I think TCA cross would be good for your skin type. Definately treatable. Don't expect perfection and be patient (my best advice).
  7. a little update. It's been about a month since the trauma occured. The mark is definately still there, but it appears to be softening a little. I can still feel it with my fingers ralatively easy. it's kinda got me down -- last thing i need is a new scar. I'm kind of obsessing about it actually -- not healthy. I can easily see it in the mirror within 2-4 feet. I've stopped putting neosporin on it because it was making me break out in the area. Anyone here have a mark that has taken a lon
  8. Grapesrgood, sorry 2 here that it broke u out did u ever scar from acne previous to using Proactiv? I just started noticing more scars very shallow scars thank god! I think that Proactiv has made me more susceptible (spelling?) to scarring. no, it definately doesn't make you scar. It might dry out sores in the healing process which isn't good so don't directly apply a ton of it to a healing sore.
  9. how old are those scars?, they almost look like they're still healing.
  10. I wouldn't give up yet. Give it another 2-3 months. Does your skin heal quickly or slowly in general?
  11. Yea, I've pretty much decided against the copper peptides at this point. I've been continuing to put a band aid full of neosporin on it before bed, but I started to have a small break out in that area from all the moisture, i presume -- not too bad by any means though. I did not do the band aid thing last night because of this and I'll probably hold off again tonight. It appears and feels to be healing nicely, although there is definately still a red indented areas, but it seems to be shrin
  12. Keep your chin up. We're all here in the same boat more or less. Remember that no one is paying as much attention as YOU are. Give yourself a break. Do things you can afford to help your skin and health for that matter: get better sleep, eat better, excersize. That is my advice. I am in the school of thought that scars will look better in time, or least that appears to be the case with me. Take a look around and read some of the similar stories around here. Good luck. Don't do anythin
  13. I do have some Dr. Pickart's Super CP serum, but I got it from someone on here about 2 years ago, but I've never used it. Still good you think? How would reccomend that I adminster it? Perhaps mix it in some Neosporin and apply with a band aid? Any 2nd opinions?
  14. How long would you say the healing process should take, I think I'm noticing small improvements everyday, but there is definately still and indention that i can feel with my hand, it's where all the infection leaked out of. I got a band aid w/ neosporin on there now. Scab fell off 8 days ago.