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  1. Ok, but what about smoothbeam? That's all I have in my area.
  2. My acne appears to be in remission and I have several slowly fading red marks. Will smoothbeam help reduce the redness of these marks? Also does it permanently remove hair? Since there is laser hair removal, does smoothbeam have the same effect? Thanks - Jim
  3. I actually have a derm appt. in about a month to potentially get accutane. But i'm scared, so I'm not sure If I am going to go through with it. It's scary sh*t. What if it causes cancer down the road? No one knows now, it hasn't been out long enough. All of people could be f*cked with cancer down the road, who knows. Also all the other potential side effects, mental, skeletal, organ damage, etc. Or nothing could go wrong and it might work. It's a tough decision. Whoever says food is not relat
  4. I have severe cystic acne. Right now I have 22 active zits, and 95% of my chin is covered by redmarks/zits. My skin is sooo acne prone everything breaks me out. I started using Rachel Perry moisturizer and I broke out TERRIBLY. I used Cetaphil moisturizer 6-8 months ago and it mildly broke me out, but it burned and turned my chin red. 8 months later my skin is still RED from that cetaphil. The only moisturizer I have found that I can handle is Olay complete, but it doesn't work very good. My
  5. So do the dermatologists take your blood for the tests at their office or do you have to go somewhere else to get your blood drawn?
  6. I'm also wondering what it's going to cost me. If it's $6 per pill and 2 per day times 150 days, that's $1800! Does that sound right? How much does the bloodwork cost? Is there any way to get insurance or free money to pay for this?
  7. Hi, I saw the gallery about the lady who had the CO2 laser proceedure done. Is she on the forums? I am wondering how that worked. Can anyone give me more info on it? Thanks
  8. How old were you when you took your accutane? What type of acne did you have? Did you have any side effects?
  9. Just curious how many courses of accutane you all took to see results.
  10. Thanks for the response. I currently have over 20 active zits, and 90% of my chin is covered in active zits or red marks which will popup with new zits at anytime. So I am basically getting so sick of it, that I'll try anything. How often do you have to get blood tests? And do you get them at the derms or at a different lab? Anyone know how much accutane costs? I have no insurance, so everything will be out of pocket. Also what dosage might I take? I am 6'4" and 190lbs. Thanks and does
  11. I know I've stated I have been against accutane, but I am considering it if my current vitamin/diet treatment and future laser treatments don't work. So I have a lot of questions about accutane. I have concerns over the side effects. I read a lot of people talk about muscle and joint pain. Are these temporary while you are on the course, or if you get them, can you expect them to last forever? I would like people to share their personal experiences with accutane. Has anyone here experienced
  12. So does smoothbeam cause any permanant hair removal, like from other "laser hair removal" treatments? Thanks
  13. I am also wondering if antibiotics affect the smoothbeam treatment? Will taking antibiotics before and during your smoothbeam treatments affect it the SB results in anyway? What about topical treatments like Retin-A? Thanks!
  14. I'm not going to take accutane. That sh*t is way too dangerous.