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  1. Im probbaly in the same position as you red marks , and a bump here and there every once and a while , but i dont think i could puke makeup on. If someone noticed id be like uhhh, oh my god i have makeup on are you serious?!?! Ive been trying a new thing , just not caring anymore. I had acne since i was 16 , so around 5 years now , the red marks have been with for about 3 years . Stupid doctor said the marks would dissipate after 6 months , i finished my accutaune cycle iwhen i was 17. Now im al
  2. Good call , and very valid point . The worse is probably getting on a bus when its packed , because as soon as you get on every one is looking directly at you and your like what the fuck , this is wierd... . I just find a seat and hopefully its a single , very awkward feeling on buses. But i do hate and look down on the people at the back of the bus , apprently is cool to sit at the back or something???!? anyone else heard this...hahaha
  3. Low lit areas are key. But sometiems i would rather have more lit areas then less lit , because even in low lit areas your face can look much worse than higher lit. PErsonally i like sunlight the best makes me look alot better , when its cloudy it sucks more and its almost always cloudy here. When my acne was still in its worser stage i was going out with a girl who had scars and some acne was well. When we hung out in higher lit areas, she made me feel alot better and more comftorable , but the
  4. What do you describe as best guys? are you talking about looks , because the guys who are with those type of girls are usually the worst kind of guys..
  5. thanks for the help guys , some of you guys were saying spectro but i have been on and off it for long periods for 3 years... hasnt made a change in my skin whatsoever. I need something different , iw as using aveeno oatmeal moisturizing bar (dry skin) this worked really well on my face, hardly any breakouts, but after i used ot everytime my face would feel really wierd like if i ate something felt like my face was so tight it would rip apart. And if i didnt have a moisturizer then the next morn
  6. Im 20 years old , been on accutane for 6 months about 2 years ago, right now been taking retinol 0.025 since may, and been using spectro gel purple . My current situation is some small breakouts once in a while but mostly open pores on my cheecks , and red marks on the sides of my face. My face is extremely smooth, and the breakouts i do get are very very small and do not last long im just curious what is the best cleanser for my situation , for some reason i think spectro gel is losing its eff
  7. hey buddy, if your going to the doctors office, your not specifically going to the derm are you>? because threy dont know what your going for you could have a cold or whatever. IT doesnt mean that since your going to a doctor means dermatologist. and if you were going to a dermatologist, everyone in the office would have skin problems too. just chil out , they are there for their own problems and they cannot judge you because your both there to fix your problems... tkae it easy(eagles)
  8. TribuneOfThePeople

    Im so fucking wasted

    you cant really see but i have quite a food red smooth marks , like if you felt my face it feeeeeels soo smooth
  9. what to do what to do> well atleast its nice to know someone is tracking my posting i feel special or something>thanks new guy> im just curious if anyone is to wear a hoodie does this mean that are trying imitate star wars or something? the only think you are repeating over and over in your message< is repetitive bullshit based on assumptions! ie your born again chrstian attitude! hahahahaahaha seriously read what the second half of your message says! yes i guess me posting a message
  10. well i dont know if you hurt fumans brain, but you hurt mine to the extremity with your unoriginality. arent you jumping to conclusions anyways, talking about meeting god when i die? Well its nice to see you have "Faith", in something that makes no sense whatsoever. Secondly it is quite apparent that you make assumptions based on i have no idea.... im the one who thinks that person with acne is a geek, nerd, anti social loser..... hahahahahaha when did i say this. please enlighten me because if
  11. sorry did you say is there a god? well no there really isnt which brings me to the point of heaven and hell. If you believe in the christian god and the bible and heaven and hell then read this. IF there is a god and he as described in the bible is the all knowing all powerful, omniscient knows the future and our fates if this is true. Then why would god punish us for something that he already knew we were going to do hence heaven and hell. Its bullshit, we must lead a good life and all that shi
  12. just take a ride down the rabbit hole or some shit , you may feel better. or drink a 2/6 thats how my fridays are
  13. i dont know but smirnoff greenapple cmon now clara!!!!!!!!!!1 you gotta drink vodka straight no chasers no nothing my ukranian blood makes me immune to it YES ui can drink about 20 shots for 140 lb physique in a very short period of time
  14. YES LOLLIPOP YOU BASTARD ( in a good way) your the first person towrite something good about me on this board usually cuse im drunk but NICE DUDE NICE
  15. by the way i love your avatar man its wicked, yes it does but im not gonna lie i smoke regularily and drink quite a bit of alcohol, and i like it, regardless of the problems and my face hasnt broken out because of any of this. MY liver and lungs are probably paying the price but whatever im having fun living day by day the future is irrelevant well for one thing , acne might have something to do with alcohol in some cases, but let me tell you i have drinken soo much lately and my skin hasnt loo