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  1. This is some off the topic shit... but its still a must read for everyone... it goes like this....... i'm a security guard at this abandoned housing complex... from 6 PM to 3 AM i just basically watch an abandoned project housing complex i watch so that people dont like do shit like try to break into the place or tear it down or shit like that. and besides the other guards there, i see NOBODY. so heres how it goes.. it's 3 AM... i'm the last guard to get off my shit..... its dark as hell out.
  2. I've been on accuPAIN from April 03 - October 03... and the scars and red marks that it left me are still no where near healing. I'm still trying to get over that bad experience. It wiped out all the acne on my back, but it made my face 10x worse. I'm sick of accutane though... I'd have cysts every day... every time I'd smile the skin on my lips would crack and break and all kinda shit like that. Accutane aint worth it.. going for blood tests every week and shit....... fuuuuuuuck that. But
  3. Well... I been going out with my girlfriend for about a month now, it was love at first sight and its been everything great x100 plus more ever since. I've always had some acne and red marks on my face... and the blemishes on my face were more than noticable, quite above average. And I notice she has a lil bit of acne and 1 or two red marks also. But since I was in the relationship... I honestly stopped caring about my face... I would drink pop and eat chocolates like it was nothing. I never
  4. And I bet that you will grow up to be a dining room chair mechanic
  5. Your probably another one of those pig fucks that thinks it takes 82 years for two people to fall in love..... well...... I understand what your saying..... but naw she aint dating half the population...... especially since me and her spend all our free time together.. she calls me every single hour of the day when we're not together..... and i look through her phone...... i might be crazy and psycho... but im glad she is too. You need a reality check.
  6. I made another post just a second ago and the subject was "Question, Confused"... but here is another question I forgot to mention.... I honestly feel rotten for doing this... but it something I have to do.... like I said before... I have a beautiful girlfriend thats bomb as hell and I love her with everything I have... and I'm afraid she'll go away from me if my acne don't heal up. Here is my question.. I notice she has some acne marks on her face.. and when we go under bright light I could se
  7. Aight... you people seen my pics if not look at my gallery or something.. you see I have redness, redmarks, few active acne and somewhat oily skin. I just got a new girlfriend. We been dating for a week. I think she is bomb as hell. I know she aint cheating on me cause me and her spend basically all of our free time together and she calls me non stop every hour of the day. But here is my dilemna... acne is created by when people touch each others face and that, and she always kisses my chee
  8. Thanks everyone, for showing support and wishing me luck and everything, it means alot. But something that kinda did make me uncomfortable when I was on the date with her was.... we were in my car in the Arby's parking lot, and it started thunderstorming and sleet hailing (those big ice balls that are kinda like snow, odd weather for Arizona which is where im at now) anyways.. and it sounded like little m&m's just banging off the car and it kinda killed the mood. But more importantly, i no
  9. Remember yesterday, I wrote that my friend had a girlfriend. And her friend was coming to my work to see me today. Today, my face was BAD. It looked like my rosacea flared up. I had a big yellow had on the corner of my mouth, on the side of my nose I had some dried up blood shit from a recently busted cyst. My red marks were more visible than ever today, but I wasn't gonna back down from this shit and then wonder a bunch of what-ifs, fuck that. Anyways, she came at about 12:30 PM, I snuck
  10. My friend has a girlfriend... and tomorrow I am going to meet her friend. She is going to come into my work and see me. I never seen her before, she never seen me, but my friend said that she is fine as hell. And me, as of this time right now, I am not looking so fine. I got a few active acne, still a fuck load of red marks. I am just PRAYING that my Rosacea (if thats what I have)doesn't flare up for tomorrow. It seems that Sunday is the day that fuckin shit always likes to come out and ma
  11. Because, you never know when it could come in hand. Someone might be using 4%, and only reading the emo board, and not know to switch to 2%, or something... i mean...... i dont know..... it did have effects on me....... i felt like shit when i was on 4%........ and i feel like semi shit on 2.5%.....so there ya go
  12. Eat chocolates, NEVER NEVER wash your face, get irregular sleep habbits, pick your face, paint your face..... uh.....
  13. Here is how much more grusome 4% BP can be....... here was my regimen on the B4 pic... the pic with the blue hair... As of July 31, 2005 Hotel soap cleanser..... Brevoxyl 4%....... Purpose moisturizer After... pic with the yellow hair As of October 22, 2005. Basis Sensitive Skin bar.......Pro Activ BP repairing lotion........Eucerin moisturizer
  14. Who gives a piss what the dentist thinks of your face? Unless its a really really really hot black chick dentist thats under 30....... who gives the slightest shit?