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    adult acne
  2. What's Anti Androgen? Is it safe?
  3. warrenpeace

    It's Back

    Looks like adult acne is seeking in. Not as bad as before but I feel it's coming back. The acne is on the lower right side of my cheek and chin. I think I may be aggrevate my skin again. Or could it be that the sweat from dancing and working out is causing bacteria to form. Please help.
  4. you look good already. don't be offended.

    1. So I notice I'm breaking out again after 2 years. Hopefully, it will go away quicker than before. I'm much different also than my other pictures. Thats because the past year I gained more than 30 lbs. Working out, dancing, and drinking those protein shakes pay off. But the whole breakout thing is on my mind now. Just wanted to share. Does my new pic show the acne as much as i think it does? let me know. laters.
    2. warrenpeace

      updated me

      ...you judge
    3. warrenpeace

      nice pics

      better, flattering pics
    4. I heard from the book i'm reading "The Acne Cure" that the best thing for face is a lotion with 2.0% Salicylic Acid (no lower than 2.0%) and no other active ingredient like glycolic acid. Its better to cure one stage than do two. The book says 4 stages. I haven't found the lotion I'm looking for "Stridex Clean Wash". So I'm still just using Noxema Triple Face Wash (2 times a day)
    5. i'm still using noxema but to keep my face from drying i'm using vitamin e cream and putting on the neosporin as a spot treatment. i dunno if i can see a difference. i'm still resisting looking in the mirror. i also bought a book called "the acne cure" - anyone read it?
    6. ...it may not be working...i'm also using the cream treatment (neosporin - but can't be working either). anyhoo, glad to be on the board. I got before and after pics. I need help. I don't even look in the mirror anymore.
    7. warrenpeace

      acne breakdown

      my acne - warning: you may be scared.