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  1. Good Evening everyone, I have been reading feveriously more and more from this message board in the past few days. Since then, I have found many new choices and avenues to take to help cure my acne. A little background, I feel, is necessary here: I am age 20; took accutane twice and many other products with somewhat success; have mild cystic acne around jaw line and lower cheek; currently on the very strict diet that is majority fresh vegetables, gluten-free bread, very little sugars at a
  2. Hello everyone, Well, after a few treatments of Accutane because of cysts, I am now somewhat scarred and trying new medications. One that was recommended to me was Duac. Before I began using Duac, though, I was using PanOxy (Benzoyl Peroxide 10%) once a day. Things were looking good, but I still had a cysts and some acne that popped up after a few months. After visiting my doctor, he put me on Duac Topical Gel in the evening (clindamycin, 1%, Benzoyl Peroxide, 5%). I have been us