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  1. they dont have opposite effects. an orgasm is what it is, no matter how u have it. If sex is good specifically for your skin then u shouldnt have an issue with breaking out from masterbation. I carefully named the topic orgasms and acne because i know theres people out there that try to say only masterbation makes you break out like its some type of punishment, but it has nothing to do with the act, just the changes your body goes thru during an orgasm.
  2. im surprised this board is still goin! i started it over a year ago, thats crazy. but yea its true but people are gonna try to convince you its not because they never had the problem. I remember someone describing it sort of like an allergic reaction, some people have it but many people dont. My whole thing is test it out and if you notice a change, there ya go! If not then you have a different issue. Its not that hard.
  3. I seriously hate the word, I cant stand it when anyone else uses it and I dont call anyone ugly ever. People either say im gorgeous or ugly but never in between, so u can imagine how screwed up in the head I am. I hear im gorgeous more so i try to remember all the compliments i've gotten when someone tries to put me down. My best friend is always calling someone ugly and even said it to me a few times but she says it in a playful way. I just act like it doesnt bother me because I feel like i
  4. lol :) sounds like a dream that'll never happen. Cant remember the last time i had a good one Thats a really good way of putting it.
  5. written by a dermatologist: Acne Myths: Chocolate and Sex Causes Acne! ...and...whats your point. Seen this list plenty of times and the things listed are only there because theres not enough proof to make them fact. For all u know every one of the things on that list causes acne but only in a select few. Stress and certain foods dont cause acne?? Gimme a break. Theres always something to contradict what you swear is the truth so my advice to you is to do your own research and fin
  6. Sounds scary. Actually my mother is always telling me its the water. She actually stopped using water and started cleaning her face with witch hazel and some other bacteria killing stuff and her face is so clear now. That was a while back tho and she uses water on occassion with no problem. That stinky tap water doesnt sound safe so maybe u should try other cleansers in place of that tap water and see if it clears up.
  7. When you think about it though, acne is just something that happened unexpected so it wasnt even on our minds when we got our first pimples. Yet it showed up anyway. I do think acne might react to emotion which is connected to the mind and thats why things like stress can lead to acne. But how would one manage the way they think about acne?? Just curious We're taught that being a "freak",looking and acting different from the crowd, is wrong. And then we are put in the category of being
  8. I know how u feel Killian. When i first found out about it I thought I was the only one who had this problem and when I told a boyfriend about it they'd laugh at me and try to make me sound crazy. I didnt really notice that it happened to other people until I looked through this forum. Then people started mentioning that this topic was used to much. I was surprised it was a topic at all by the way people constantly turn down the claim. Anywho, its sad looking at the other topics because they
  9. Im actually saying that hormones alone arent causing me to break out specifically from orgasms because if that was the case then withholding from orgasms wouldnt work. I do believe in hormonal acne though because I've had a few bouts with it myself. My imbalance was self diagnosed until my doctor confirmed it last month.
  10. Wow thats a lotta assumptions u got there. Acutually the thing about me is that I do have a hormonal imbalance and I dont know if that has anything to do with it but Im constantly horny. I very rarely give in and I dont break out when I dont give in (maybe 1 or 2 lil pimples at most when I dont give in). So as far as hormones alone causing it, thats been ruled out for me. It's possible that people who break out from orgasms also have a hormonal imbalance. I've been with my boyfriend for abo
  11. thank you chris. :) Sounds like we have the same history and it affects us the same way. It took me a while but I noticed the week difference between the orgasm and the breakouts too.
  12. ok, well theres no relation particularly to you. But im curious how did u do this?? Sometimes my mind makes me have one in my dreams because im so backed up. I know its common for guys but im a girl. I wonder if it has anything to do with how u did it?